Drayton Hall diamonds

Drayton Hall diamonds

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Evening!

Hoping each of you have enjoyed a Wonderful Thanksgiving...perhaps you are just now beginning to celebrate. Here at Taylorsoutback, the dishes are done, all the tasty leftovers are put away and my dear folks have headed back home as they usually retire early in the evening. We are blessed to have them with us for this Holiday. I am happy to report my Mom ate extremely well after a week of no appetite which caused us some concern. We loaded up their car with lots of goodies for their next few dinners and things for the freezer. I so appreciate all the caring and supportive comments from everyone and some very timely suggestions too. They are much appreciated. We have spoken with our son Dave and his Jena up in Alaska too - they were headed to a gathering of friends and good food. We are thankful knowing they are both happy and well.

Just to let you know this is a new blog arrangement by way of Blogger. I am giving it a trial run and everything is very basic now with more information to be filled in. So far I am liking the ease of working with Blogger vs. WordPress. Not being overly computer savvy, I am finding WP to be somewhat limited for those of us who want something a little more whimsical and light. I can finally get buttons to other links working, add a Followers list (which I hope you will add your own name to) and bring a little color onto the page. Just have to figure out how to work with the size of images as my quilt header is just a BIT too large! When you consider each of those 9 patch units measures 1 1/2" finished it does bring it into perspective though...

For now I will keep both blogs up and running while I give the new one a go.
You can visit my earlier posts at WordPress - http://taylorsoutback.wordpress.com 

That is it for now - about ready to put my feet up for a while, maybe do a little applique and not think about how many calories I consumed! Back on the treadmill tomorrow!


More later!


PatchworkRose said...

Hi Pat I have always been a follower of yours. Glad that you like my Nearly Insane Blocks. I have been having lots of fun making them. Lov your Header Quilt and your profile quilt. At the moment you are listed as a no reply blogger. You might want to change that and then people can reply to your comments direct.
Happy Thanksgiving

JCnNC said...

Everything looks great on the new blog. I told you it was user friendly, didn't I? I should have said "mature women" user friendly !!! We are all works in progress. Lol - Maybe reducing the pixels of the header picture would bring the quilt more in proportion to the site. I really like the way WordPress let us know when you posted and I have not figured that out for eBlogger. Keep on stitching from Judy C

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

I've been reading all your posts - I do not always comment, but I am so thankful (!) that you are doing this!! Hope we can connect in person soon.
Love and hugs headed your way (can you feel it?!)
So sorry to hear about your mom - you must be so appreciative of the good days. Chris

Martha said...

Thanks for visiting Linderhof. You have a nice place to visit as well!

Friko said...

Blogger will make life easy for you.

Good to read about your peaceful family holiday, I hope winter will be kind to you and yours.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hello! It is nice to meet you! Have a nice day! Twyla

Lisa said...

Your header may be large, but it's gorgeous!! I actually wish I could blow it up a little bigger so I could study those shirting and see if there are any I don't have.

Gattina said...

since 2006 I use Blogger and am very happy with it. It has improved a lot and I really was a beginner ! I didn't know anything not even what a blog was !
To find the right size for your header you have to look click on "Design" and then on "Edit HTML" there you will find the width in pixels.
Your header is too high, you should crop it and make it smaller or choose a smaller picture. The length is quiet OK. If I can help you send me a mail. I am not a specialist, but meanwhile I know a bit about headers.

taylorsoutback said...

Gattina - thank you so much for the feedback! I will play with the header this weekend.
Lisa - aren't shirtings fun to collect- most of mine were from the 90's & early 2000. Then they started to disappear from the shops. I keep hoping Judie Rothermel will reintroduce her old lines or do a new series.

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Your quilt is gorgeous... and welcome to blogger! I am a newbie to blogger too, well I started this spring. I new nothing about blogging and now next to nothing but I'm enjoying the ride.My header is big too but I'm afraid to mess with HTML...maybe someday when I have more time.
Your newest follower, Annette

Francisca said...

Your beautiful quilt makes a gorgeous header - and I'd crop it horizontally before making the squares smaller. Happy blogging!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I am so excited to have found you here through this amazing blog world :o)

Will be back, but for now...going to spend some quality time with my hubby :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
(I am not computer savvy at all!!!! So it takes me awhile to get my one post up a week!) haha
Love your quilts!!!!