Drayton Hall diamonds

Drayton Hall diamonds

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"M" is for Maintenance - Alphabe-Thursday

This is probably more about Mr. Outback who easily admits to being a Maintenance "nut." I don't know if he always was so devoted to Maintenance...he was majoring in geology at Carolina-Chapel Hill when Vietnam interrupted all our lives. Knowing he would probably be better off flying above the jungle rather than crawling through the undergrowth or living in a tank, he chose to be a helicopter pilot. Somehow he also found time to go through aircraft maintenance classes and the Army, being what it is, drilled into each person the concept of Preventive Maintenance. I think that is where the foundation was laid. I had no idea then how it would impact my own life.

Fast forward through the years - being part of the RIF (Reduction In Forces) our lives shifted from military bases in the South to North Central Wisconsin and an introduction to civilian living. Mr. Outback secured a future with Weyerhaeuser and eventually became a "Planner" - right up his alley! He could plan upcoming maintenance jobs in the mill to his hearts content (or until he grew tired of the whole thing and retire). His skills became so fine turned that I began to notice the atmosphere around the homefront going through changes. The glove box of each vehicle always held a little log book...recording each gas fill-up, tire rotation or repair service. Appliances, furnace upkeep, when was the last time the holding tanks were pumped? Balancing the checkbooks & online bill paying, all moved to the computer as Mr. Outback felt it would be easier to "maintain." He was right, of course! He has a pretty impressive tool collection - one never knows when something will need Maintenance...and require a specific tool. Our nearby neighbors know which door to knock on when something comes up...and the list goes on...RV maintenance, when were the brakes gone over; our "rolling stock" i.e. the lawnmowers, 4 wheeler, etc.; maintenance on the house - upkeep on a log home - how many tubes of caulking are on hand. It is enough to make a person's head swim - particularly if she is not as diligent about that sort of detail. Slowly, I am learning...I save receipts, copies of crucial emails or notes from a phone conversation. I even have a special folder for Maintenance regarding my 2 Berninas. At one point, there was a little tablet with the batting inventory I had - types, sizes, etc. That kind of went out the window though when one of my stitching buddies suggested (in a gentle way) I had gone over the edge! And I do keep a garden journal each year which I find beneficial when ordering new seeds or tracking growth habits and maturity of  veggies. So, unlike Mr. Outback, there seems to be a limit to my own level of Maintenance. And I will never keep a 3 x 5 card file of every piece of fabric in my stash, as suggested by Martha Steward a few years ago. Clearly, she is not a quilter...though she certainly gives the impression as being the Queen of Maintenance.

The word Maintenance stems from Maintain, of course - meaning to carry on, to keep in repair; to declare as true or Support. I am fortunate to be married to Mr. Outback - because he definitely does all of the above and then some....even if it drives me a little nuts sometimes.

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Teresa said...

Oh, my. That would drive me more than a little nuts! Although, I'd enjoy having someone take care of all that maintenance stuff.

Sue said...

Oh...It is a lucky thing to have a husband who is handy and knows how to fix things.

I am more than slightly envious.


tracy said...

I love my husband who is so handy around the home. It is a blessing...most of the time. ;-)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I would love to have someone who could fix everything.

JCnNC said...

What a wonderful "treasure" you have at your house with husband maintaining everything. My DWH is always handy, but sometimes has problems with follow-through. Lol- I do not believe in worrying myself with details when someone else is better with that information. I think you should let Mr. Outback take over the maintenance schedule on your machines, then he could schedule your cleanings and oiling. Take care dear friend.

Jo said...

I can see how that would drive a person a little nutty at times but boy oh boy are you ever lucky! I wish i had someone who could fix or maintaing almost anything!

fredamans said...

Great post!

Judie said...

By his own word, Rod is a mechanical idiot. He does, however, very faithfully maintain our furnace and our pool, neither of which require the use of any special tools. A screwdriver is a special tool to Rod.

Pondside said...

Wow - Mr Outback must be a popular fellow in your neck of the woods!.....and a wonderful life companion because no matter what happens he is the type of fellow who will always be able 'get things going' or make something from nothing. My Great Dane is like that too!

Theresa said...

O to be so organized! I'm even impressed with your garden journal. Great post and hoping some of this rubs off on me this year:)

mub said...

I'm so not even close to being that organized! And I agree... the every fabric on a 3x5 card is ABSURD!

Cheryl D. said...

My hubby is a bit of a maintenance nut too!

Jenny said...


Mr. Jenny is not talented in the maintenance area - at all.

There is a joke around here that if anyone seens him getting a screwdriver or tool of any kind they are to immediately stop him.

Yeah, it's that bad.

Lucky you, though!

I'm pretty organized about something and others, well...ummm... no Martha here.

Thanks for a fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.