Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Giveaway Winner Is.....

...chosen by a very high tech system....using state of the art tools...

slips of paper were created....

...a special font was used to record a sequence of numbers...don't you like the "hand written" look?

...the numbers coincided with my official log book which contained the list of names of each of you who left comments...

...all the generated slips of paper were placed in a large, mostly tamper proof container...
 ...and finally a carefully selected individual was called upon to place their paw er...whatever...and pick...
 The Winner..................

Teresa! - Visit her blog at It's All Good.
Looks like she will have no problem filling the box - lots of quilting and beautiful cross stitch going on over there!

Congratulations, Teresa! - I will be sending the needlework box off to you first thing this coming week...I hope you enjoy using it!

Still hard at work on making more of those little cherries for BTCT...
.. as I was sitting there earlier today cutting out circles, it dawned on me that I have not been keeping up with the demand. I am using them up faster than I can make them....winter is still well entrenched around us, so I find a comfortable place by a sunny window during the day or get tucked into my favorite chair by the fire at night. With the amount of cherries yet to be made, I can foresee sitting out on our deck as the weather improves...feeling a soft, warm breeze on my cheek. Then eventually returning to the cool interior as the sun heats up in July...and on into Fall, bundled in a sweater as the leaves swirl around the corners of the house...and probably back by that fireside chair again eventually!! Hundreds of cherries yet to be made...

Here is Block #13 - Little Blue Basket from Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt 

I thought being a basket block, it needed that handle too...

 That's it for now. I want to thank everyone for visiting and commenting during this recent giveaway...stay tuned - there are plans for another one in the not too distant hope you will come back often and sit 'a spell...I love company!
Have a productive week and 
Think Spring!



  1. Congratulations to the winner - I'll bet she'll enjoy the gift immensely! I love all the cherries and have to smile at the thought that you'll be making them as you move from chair to chair and season to season!

  2. As the color is getting worse on my monitor, I say rats, but congrats to Teresa! Lucky girl! I really may have to take more time off getting my computer fixed! Yikes! Just copied my PowerPoint on to something more portable! Bye for now!

  3. Congrats Teresa!...I REALLY love your latest block. I have a thing for basket blocks.

  4. Oh my goodness! Patricia ~ thanks so much ~ I just found your blog when I decided I wanted to make the Birthday Quilt! You did a great job on that one (-: I enjoyed reading about your life "up north".

  5. Congrats to the winner, Teresa. Such a wonderful gift and made with love. The blocks are looking really nice - and I agree - the cherries are a forever task. Judy C

  6. Congrats to Teresa!! I love reading about quilting and the amazing styles and techniques all of you implement into your projects!

    Pat - I love how Molly Munchkin is involved with picking the winner. Her sweet face says it all, and wondering if there is more doggie treats!!? Haha! It was great reading your post, made me feel a bit better. Still under weather, so I'm not doing any errands today but stay home and rest. I'll be in touch with you later on today, I have to get a nap in. Love n miss you guys!


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