Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Little Square of Sunshine.... sometimes hard to find when you live in our neck of the woods. Winter days are short in their length and yet seem to go on forever, week after snowy week. Those of you who live in a similar climate probably have the same phrase..."nine months of winter and 3 months of rough sledding..." We have been given the gift of extra daylight by the simple act of adjusting our clocks this weekend.  Warmer weather is on the way for the coming week...upper '40's - rain instead of snowflakes. Rest assured, winter is not through with us yet, but the journey towards Spring has begun...the air has just a touch of softness to it and the days of sunshine bring a more intense light. Watching the horrendous events unfold in Japan makes us aware that a little snowfall and icy roads merit a concern less than a grain of sand in comparison.

The western light comes through my sewing room windows all afternoon and I can sit at my machine working on various projects. My back feels the sun's warmth. True confession - I have actually dozed off for a moment (s) - this happened just this past week as I listened to soft music - a little power nap.  I have found a safe way to relax! Just have to make sure I am not holding a needle or pair of scissors...

Just so you don't think I sleep the days away...there have been a few accomplishments this week.

Caught up on the Civil War blocks from Barbara Brackman. 

Lincoln's Platform 

London Square

And a little bowl of cherries...(or chair of bowlies a la Mary Engelbreit)

Some of these little puppies are going into BTCT block # 7 - 
 ...there are hundreds more to be made for the quilt and I am playing around with different methods to see which makes life easier. Office Dots, Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles or Paper Pieces...between all the options, depending on what size is called for, I think my bases are covered!

Wishing each of you a sunny week and a reminder to be thankful for a roof over your head and solid ground under your feet. Count your blessings and go find your own little square of sunshine...

Our Kelsie


  1. What a beautiful dog and we did almost sleep today away! The day has flown by, TO! Hate the adjustment period! Beautiful quilt squares as usual! Have a great week my friend!

  2. Yes, let's count our blessings. We on this side of the world, warm and dry in our own homes have won life's greatest lottery, just by where we were born.
    I love the thought of you falling briefly asleep in a patch of sunlight!

  3. Power naps are very beneficial in getting a lot done, ask me how I know. I imagine rain sounds very good to you about this time - melting snow and giving the eath some time to warm up. We can learn a lot from our pets and I bet Kelsie takes power naps also. I have often said "lessons from Brady" could change our lives. Have a wonderful week being creative. Judy C

  4. What a lovely bowl of cherries!!
    I wish I had a little sun comnig thru my window today. Well, it isn't snowing so that is good!

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  6. I love your closing comments. We should be thankful indeed for what we have! This is my first time on your blog and I am now a follower. I like your thoughts, your quilts and the recipes! For applique circles, have you ever tried using metal washers from the hardware store? Make small running stitches and gather over one of the metal washers, iron and remove the washer (careful it will be hot). Makes perfect circles and there are a lot of washer sizes available. Happy Stitching!


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