Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Patchwork Days....continued

"Then followed that beautiful season - Summer...
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;
And the landscape lay as if newly created in all the 
Freshness of childhood..."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What a difference one week can make...we have traveled from late Spring to precious days of early Summer as only June can provide. 
The air is not only filled with a "dreamy and magical light," but when the evening is still, the scent of lilacs drifts in through the open French doors.
Beauty of Moscow lilacs against a dazzling blue sky

Next to my stitching chair sits a tiny crystal vase that holds freshly gathered lily-of-the-valley. 
A bed of these dainties greets visitors as they approach our front porch. They might also be welcomed by one of our many hummers.

Yes, summer is definitely here - at long last.Long days in the gardens have produced raised beds filled with newly planted seeds and transplants longing to be out of their little fiber pots. My little bed of herbs is beginning to settle in after being totally uprooted and cleaned out. Photos coming soon...

Early morning hours and evenings after dinner dishes are cleared away have proven to be the most comfortable time to tackle outdoor work. Our afternoons are all ready beginning to be noticeably warmer and working in the hot sun is out for this heat-sensitive gardener.  During the long winter months, while quilting, my mind goes to being in the gardens and now that a trowel is in my gloved hands, thoughts wandered back to quilting...I enjoy the best of both worlds! And when temperatures begin to soar (that is upper 70's here in Northern Wisconsin!) taking an afternoon break means heading to the sewing room...
These are the four latest Civil War Blocks from Barbara Brackman's weekly posting...I started to panic, knowing I was four weeks behind...things are back under control again!
 The Underground Railroad block (top row - right side) was a timely one - during my recent visit to Elkhorn with my friend, Connie...we made a stop at the Milton House in Milton, Wisconsin. This is the only known safe house for slaves seeking freedom that actually held underground tunnels. We stopped by before Memorial Day which meant tours had to be scheduled in advance. During the summer months the buildings are open throughout the week. I would like to go back for one of their tours. (Great photographer that I am, the outdoor photos I took have mysteriously disappeared...)

The only other stitching I can show for now is Block #9 for my Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt. I can see the vase is a little "wonky" and may redo in the future...
A surprise arrived in the mail this week - from Teresa over at It's All Good. She won my needlebox giveaway a few months ago. I sure didn't expect this - a thank you gift! Isn't this little needle keeper so sweet and the accompanying handmade card is adorable! Thank you Teresa! You are a dear!

More things to share with you in the days the meantime, I will leave you with one last fragrance to enjoy...

A Saturday morning Apple Pancake to fuel us up for a day in the garden...this started off our busy weekend and is one of Mr. Outback's favorite breakfast's to prepare.

Have a wonderful, fragrant filled week everyone!

Love those little "volunteers" that pop up unexpectedly!


  1. Hmmm - I posted a comment and it disappeared - to apologies in advance if you get two comments.
    Just wanted to say that you are so industrious that it is a good thing you have a live-in chef!

  2. Hopefully the third time is a charm to post a comment...How I do miss the scent of Lilac blossoms in the air! We have lots of other fragrant bloomers but none compare to the Lilac...I haven't seen any yet here...the deer probably ate them all. The apple pancake look absolutely yummy...would you share the recipe with us?

  3. Pat I am so glad you liked the needle roll (-:

  4. Pat,

    So nice to see a new post! I think the Beyond the Cherry Tree block looks great (and if it is a bit 'wonky' in your eyes, that might just add to the overall charm).
    Yes, summer is here, finally! We sure had quite a spring - so cold - that makes it all the better.

  5. A lovely, happy post.
    Summer is not quite with us yet, it's still cool and dampish for the moment after a long dry spell.
    I am working hard in my garden, but this year it is not up to my usual standards. Too much has perished over winter and I don't want to replace it just yet in case there's new life coming from the roots.

  6. What a beautiful post. I could smell the apple pancake cooking while I had this delightful visit with you. Love the flower pictures.


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