Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday - A Day of Rest?

How do you take your Sundays? The traditional way - Church and family dinners together? Lingering over a leisurely breakfast and an extra cup of coffee along with a thick newspaper filled with ads and funnies? I was brought up to think Sunday was meant to be a day of rest. My Mom has told me that when she was growing up in a large family on the farm, Grandpa would not even permit embroidery work on Sunday's - it was the Lord's Day and should be observed as such. But this is the 21st Century and we have left behind many of the old traditions. 

On this particular Sunday, my Grandpa would have no doubt given me a stern look and perhaps a little lecture as I stood in front of him with downcast eyes and a dripping paint brush in my hand. He would not have been interested in my excuse that we live in Wisconsin where summers consist of basically 2 months - 3 if we are lucky. June can be tricky in this part of the world...this past week is a perfect example. We started out last Monday with temperatures well into the upper 80's and low 90's. Late in the week, we dropped to 50 degrees...a difference of 40 degrees from the previous day. The 1 1/2 yards of mulch we hauled in the utility trailer sat until cool weather arrived and on Thursday, wearing jeans and a heavy sweatshirt, I proceeded to distribute said 1 1/2 yards throughout the front garden. Crossed that off my to do list...and now we have arrived at the weekend, which includes Sunday. Off in the distance on the other side of the pond, Mr. Outback did some repair work on our bridge. You can barely see him through all the new shore growth (a nicer sounding phrase than "weeds.")

So with Time being of the essence and with Grandpa's disapproval from above, I hauled out the painting equipment and the ladder.

I must admit to a sense of accomplishment (coupled with some guilt, however)...look how nice the North wall of my potting shed looks...
 The log siding was in dire need of refreshing and I even managed to start on the porch railings. It was a beautiful day to be outside - the little windows in the shed were open and the Public Radio Sunday Morning Classics could be heard coming from the radio inside .....painting while listening to Mozart or the flowing sounds of Ralph Vaughn Williams Symphony #5 in D Major is good for the soul. Painting is also like gardening or quilting to can let your mind wander, reflect, organize or just dream while staying on task. 

Of course, my faithful assistance stayed nearby to lend a helping paw hand...
 And I could keep a close eye on the pots of baby herbs in the "nursery." 
So, I ask you - how can Sunday be a total day of rest when we are blessed with beautiful weather, summer goes much too swiftly and the list of things to paint is growing...
Last summer the rocking chairs were done in neon green and the year before that, the Adirondack chair was covered in lavender paint...that old bench could sure use some brightening up, don't you agree? Hmmm...what color....?

Have a restful week and enjoy the blessings of each day.



  1. I always say if your having fun and the family is a part of it, then whats the harm. My Grandma would frown on anyone sewing on a Sunday, but Grandma, it's cross stitch I enjoy doing it. Times have changed.

  2. I've always gone with the interpretation that one shouldn't work on Sunday - so if one is a farmer, no farming; if one is an accountant, no crunching numbers; a teacher shouldn't teach and a salesman shouldn't sell. I don't make my living from the garden, so the time I spend in it on a Sunday is pure pleasure!

  3. Sometimes the parent tapes need to be discarded in favor of "what is right for me" and mine. I do believe it is restful to spend time with oneself, doing what we like or want - it feels spiritually right. I wish all the kids could be here for Sunday dinner - that would be the best. We all need to take time and engage in our own happiness. Judy C sends her best

  4. And every one of those herbs is cute and looking forward to getting into the ground! Good for you! It's OK to work on Sunday. It is an accomplishment and I also like you helping paw! Cute!

  5. I think you weren't meant to enjoy Sundays, were you.
    Neither work nor pleasure.

    Nowadays I make Sunday special by doing nice things, like gardening or having a special meal. I am really glad we have lost the old straitjackets, life is for living and those who want to, can worship God in many ways, perhaps best by enjoying his creation.

  6. I would love to have Sunday as a day of rest. I work and do outside things, but usually try and catch a nap on Sundays too:)That is what sets it apart from the other 6 days of the week.

  7. I have always wished I could make it a day of rest, but I usually end up working half the day - one of the real perils of working from home. Your Grandpa was right, though, everyone needs a day of rest each week and such principles did ensure that. I am sure that we are the worse off for not having such a day any more.

    Pomona x

  8. I am in lust with your potting shed. Sssshh...don't tell my husband.

    Sunday is usually a lazy day for me.


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