Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Civil War Blocks

After the last few days of non-stop garden to kitchen time, today is a day for savoring other thoughts...
The day is overcast, chilly and rainy and inside a cozy fire warms us. We have had a killing frost and the garden is no more for this season. The potting shed is filled to capacity with tomatoes in various stages of ripeness, winter squashes mellowing, herbs drying and tender potted plants temporarily stored in preparation for winter housing.

Jena has safely returned to Alaska - we miss her all ready! She stayed with us Wednesday and Thursday before returning to her folks and  preparing for the long flight back home. What a delight she is to be around...

On a day like this my thoughts return to quilting...another Civil War block has been completed in Barbara Brackman's series. 
# 38 - Ohio Star - a classic quilt block...

It struck me how far we have come...
Each week's printed pattern and history profile has accumulated in my binder. 
And the stack of completed blocks has been growing...
A while back, I found this perfect backing on sale at Hancock's-Paducah. 
Next decision will be what kind of sashing to hurry though we still have a few more blocks to go!
Now Barbara draws us in to yet another bit of quilt history - her 1812 War and Piecing blog has me hooked all ready and I have been printing that information out as it much inspiration and there is just the most perfect piece of reproduction chintz in my stash......

All for now...want to finish watching our Super Bowl Champion Packers shake up things with Carolina...we have very fond attachments to all things North Carolina, but when it comes to the Pack...they have our total loyalty! That is just the way it is...:o)
Have a good week everyone.


  1. Oh, you are right! That is the perfect backing. Soemtimes I think the backings are as important as the tops. This is going to be a perfect one. I wouldn't worry about the binding until you have the quilt put together and get the "feel" for the quilt. It will tell you what it requires.

  2. All is forgiven - congratulations on your win!!! We did not get to watch the game as daugher and SIL were here and we kept busy playing games. It was a wonderful diversion for a change as we determined ahead of time, we all needed a break. That is a beautiful backing for your quilt and what an heirloom you will have - so special. Judy C in NC sends best wishes.

  3. I'm not up on those football games, although my husband watches them when I'm out on a Sunday afternoon. Your stack of squares is really growing!

  4. The backing is perfect - what a find! And you are making such progress - well done.

    Pomona x

  5. wow, you certainly do have a stack of blocks. I really like the background fabric you found too. Perfect.

  6. A killing frost already?

    Oh dear me. It's got cold and wet here too but I still have roses and dahlias and michaelmas daisies.

    You certainly seem to be ready to batten down the hatches.

  7. I love to stop in and see what beautiful blocks you are working on. You must stay so busy. I can barely keep up with my tomatoes, let along sewing. Very impressed!

  8. Oh! Every time I see one of your blocks, I think...I really want to do them too! ( I wish you lived near by!...I LOVE the fabrics you have been using and especially love the backing fabric.) And how neat that you have all the block info neatly organized in your binder...

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Soooo behind in my return visits. Thank you so much for stopping by, your sweet comment too! I am very excited for the first future grandbaby due in March. & that I do have that little cathedral windows baby quilt completed for the baby :o)

  9. Hi,
    I love Civil War fabric. That backing is to die for! No pun intended. I have made one Civil War quilt. It was one that the points of the stars were intentionally cut off. A bit difficult for me to do, but I decided to make it authentic. I have loved it. UGH! I am not ready for a frost yet. Hope we have a bit longer.


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