Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cheddar quilts at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum - Part 1!

On Thursday, May 3rd, our quilt history study group - Liberty Ladies, traveled to Cedarburg, Wisconsin and toured the Wisconsin Quilt Museum.  A number of years ago when our quilt guild originally visited the proposed site, we met in the barn that was going to be converted into the museum. With rough-sawn floor boards, creaking doors and daylight pouring through the barn walls, it was difficult to envision a textile friendly environment.
Fast forward to 2012...a beautifully restored building greeted us with an addition that is the perfect fit. 

The fragrance of freshly finished wood and light pine floors along with the hand-hewn beams was a feast for the eye. But the best was yet to exhibit of antique quilts - all featuring cheddar fabrics!
The Curator, Carol Butzke, has loaned her personal collection of cheddar based quilts for display until July 8, 2012. 
Carol Butzke on right, Louella Doss on left

What could be more appropriate for our state of Wisconsin - in the barn...
Carol is a Certified Quilt Judge (she has been a judge numerous times at our own guild's biennial shows)  and is very knowledgeable about vintage textiles. 
 I took a number of photos (no flash permitted) and this will be the first of a 2 part blog posting.
Indianapolis (Brackman #2456) Circa 1890
Pine Tree Variation C. 1880 Possibly Pennsylvania and Mennonite
Lady of the Lake C 1890 - Pennsylvania
Oak Leaf and Reel C 1880 Pennsylvania - possibly Mennonite 
Orange in Pennsylvania is considered a "neutral."
Detail of hand quilting in feathers on border (green fabric with fine print)
Displayed on an antique bed - cheddar, navy, red and conversation prints.
Ceasar's Crown C. 1855 - Classic turkey red and green with cheddar

Detail of appliqued border

Coxcomb Variation C 1855
Detail of applique and hand quilting.

Hope you are enjoying viewing these quilts...there will be more posted in a few days and will also include a little report on a special presentation to the Museum and one of the reasons our group anticipated making this plan to come back soon...maybe you will find a quilt with cheddar that just calls to you...Stay tuned for Part 2!



  1. Caesar's Crown is my favorite. Wonderful design and quilting. And of course, the color combination. Thank you for sharing pictures.

  2. What wonderful colours - and I'd never before heard about cheddar that isn't cheese. It sounds like a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

  3. Such an art and talent . . . Amazingly beautiful . . . I know Cedarbrg Wisconsin, having had friends who lived there. Charming place to visit isn't it . . .

  4. Oh, such beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing. The photography was perfect - sometimes I think the flash distorts the true colors. Can't pick a favorite!

  5. Loved your quilt show and all the quilts were stunning - could not have picked a favorite. I loved this venue, just perfect. Judy C

  6. Pat -- never heard of cheddar that wasn't cheese but will be reading up on it. LOVE quilts -- and these are definitely beauties -- I think I liked the Cock's Comb one best but then -- maybe not.

    Just dropped by to say I sent you another Facebook message in response to your response -- but it may have dropped into the OTHER folder under your Messages link -- search around and let me hear from you again, okay? Dottie from FOSB

    PS. I'm going to share your blog address with my quilter friend

  7. beautiful!!!
    I love the 4 patch with blue and shirtings on the antique bed!
    I also adore the applique' too of course
    thanks for the eye candy

  8. What a gorgeous collection of quilts and I bet they looked amazing in person although you did so well on the photos. Thanks so much for sharing, I love the nine patch.

  9. That is so cool! Those quilts are so great! I would have never guessed they were so old. They look like they are in really good shape. I love that coxcomb design. thanks for sharing. I wish I lived closer so I could see them in person.

  10. I wish I could visit the museum and see the quilts live. They are so beautiful in you photos.

  11. Always nice to see an old Pennsylvania quilt! Very nice tour, TO! Thanks for sharing!

  12. What a wonderful feast for the eyes! I'm looking forward to the next post.

  13. Oh my gosh they are gorgeous!!! I adore cheddar. I've been trying to get my local quilt shop to order me a bolt of solid cheddar but they cannot find it. I must double my efforts. I love cheddar and navy and that double four patch has my name all over it. Then there is the Coxcomb variation and that other red, green and cheddar - was it Cesar's Crown? - anyway, thanks for the wonderful eye candy.

  14. wonderful! love these. that Coxcomb variation is fabulous. thanks for the show.


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