Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January possibilities....

What is it about this start of the new year? We are given 12 glorious months - fresh out of the box. The days and weeks open before us like a newly paved highway - no potholes, frost heaves or rocky roadbeds. Everything seems within reach & we tend to set our own personal bar at a lofty height. So it begins at Taylorsoutback. Our Dave & Jena have returned to Alaska after spending a magical Christmas with everyone. Much traveling between family & friends added to our book of memories. Meals & laughter shared - time spent drooling over bridal magazines

& decisions made with notes recorded on multiple iPads. Appointments with caterers, florist & a wedding cake chosen & the discovery of The Perfect Wedding Gown (which has arrived in Anchorage for the first fitting)....a happy whirlwind of activity.

After a little rearranging & straightening of the sewing room, The Wedding Quilt has been started. Yards of fabric washed and pressed & a sample block pieced to check for size - and total approval from the bride-to-be!! I really like the soft color palette Jena chose - it echoes the wedding color theme too. Soft forget-me-not blue (Alaska's state flower) & pale yellow.

There will be no more glimpses until its completion....and speaking of sewing rooms, have you seen all the quilting bloggers who have shared newly reorganized areas - everyone has had the same push to accomplish that before jumping in on new projects.

Lists have begun as I look around the house - lampshades need replacing, that chest needs painting, new valances & more items that need freshening up in the weeks ahead. And, oh yes, the gardens - seeds & starter plants to order...

And when will I have time to cast on stitches with this heavenly deep cranberry qiviut yarn?

The kids spoiled me so much with a precious skein of qiviut & accompanying book. In case you are wondering, this fiber is from the musk oxen of Alaska. We visited the musk ox farm in Palmer when we were there last summer. I might try knitting the neck gaiter to keep me warm on a blustery winter day. And look at this, oh so, tiny ivory carving of a musk ox.

It is about 1" high.

Did I mention how spoiled I am?

And so much to anticipate in the quilting world - a new book due out in February - New York Beauty Diversified by Linda Hahn - preordered my copy & if you admire Australian Di Ford's renditions of antique quilts - oh boy - she has a book scheduled for April publication through Quiltmania. That will be a pre order as soon as it is an option.

It is a good thing we have these brand new 12 months - I, for one, will need every one of them plus more!!

Happy January to each of you


Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

---Ralph Waldo Emerson



  1. That quilt fabric is so pretty. The blue really has a nice pattern. I'm a huge fan of little trinkets, in fact, one of the things I wanted from my grandmother's old house was the collection of little tiny figurines she kept in her windows, very tiny and so pretty.

  2. So well said. I have a clean sewing room and I sure hope I don't wait one precious minute of the next 12 months. Also, I will most likely be making a wedding quilt this year, too. It will be another busy year for sure. Enjoy your January.

  3. Happy New Year. I love new year beginnings and possibilities too.
    How lovely to start on a wedding quilt. What a joy1

  4. I like those fabrics for the wedding quilt. Lots to look forward this new year.

  5. Sounds like you had a fun time with your daughter. I didn't know about Di Ford's new book coming out. Just as soon as I say no more books, another one comes out that I want to put on my shelf. Can't wait to see the wedding quilt. By looking at the sneak peak, I would guess it is a double wedding ring. Colors are beautiful!

  6. What a lovely post, so well written. I'm happy to hear wedding plans are going well and that you have plenty of projects to start the year with. I love the colors for the quilt and the colour of the wool is divine.

  7. Who’s a happy bunny then?

    You sound busy and excited and raring to go.
    Happy 2013 and may all your quilting dreams come true.

  8. I came across your blog by accident this evening! Thank you so much for ordering New York Beauty Diversified! I'll be anxious to hear the reviews. Linda J. Hahn -

  9. Hi dear TO, love your post, but you are optimistic about the potholes. We already have them here. Love the quilt colors and the musk fiber. Oh, I get new seed catalogs daily! Overwhelmed!:) You will be busy, but in the best way! xxoo LVL

  10. Loving your words today, Pat. Brand new year and, even though I really do not like uneven number years, this one really must be better than last year. I can feel your excitment with the wedding plans - it will be a wonderful and lovely moment in everyone's life. I will be posting tomorrow about "our pillows" for the "in your words" blog hop. Keep warm and hugs to you. Judy C


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