Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Smokin' sewing machine...

Whew! Surprised the smoke alarms did not go off - my trusty Bernina has had a workout...

Two baby quilt tops for two nieces...

That way overdue wedding gift for a nephew and his wife...

Aunt 'Reen's May Mystery quilt

...will be long-arm quilted in October - reservation made!

And a Jo Morton quilt sample which I forgot to photograph...all ready dropped it off at the LQS where I will be, guess you could call it, group leader for the shop's new Jo's Little Women's Club starting up in October.

Our Liberty Ladies group had a fun day at Nancy Zieman's Quilt Expo in Madison last week. The main focus for me was to pick up more diamonds for the Drayton Hall first stop was the Paper Pieces booth and mission Primitive Gatherings had convenient charm packs with 65 different squares...first 100 diamonds done - only 900+ more to go......

Then found what might be used for some of the broderie perse on the same quilt....still on the hunt though...and 2 more just because pieces.

This week has been a trifle more stressful starting with our bi-blue sheltie, Kelsie...

Scheduled for a teeth cleaning at the vets we were stunned to find out she needed 9 teeth extracted - they were all loose. Our new vet said she has never seen a sheltie that did not have dental issues - a weakness in the breed. But I also question how observant our previous vets had been. After 39 years and multiple dogs we thought it time for a switch to someone closer and more on top of modern canine care. After a long day, our silver girl came home with pain meds and antibiotics....where she is now bouncing around like a jack-in-the-box!

Then my Mom (88)was taken to the ER for shortness of breath - she has undergone testing but nothing glaringly obvious has shown up. We brought her back home and later that night, my Dad(95) fell in the bathroom. While he is okay, all of this going on has just piled up more reasons to get them into assisted living. Unfortunately, we are not making much progress in this direction. They are quite resistant. We got them the Life Alert system and it worked perfectly when Dad pushed the button for help when Mom was having the breathing problem. But we have moved beyond that now and need closer supervision as I am 40-45 minutes away.

To wrap this post up on a lighter note - what do you do to de-compress? How about playing with these little guys...1/4" hexies insanely purchased at Paper Pieces last about impulse buying...have not tried whip stitching them together yet...just experimenting.

The plan? Who knows - maybe a little pincushion or embellishment on a quilt label...certainly not a king size quilt that someone made and posted on Pinterest - now that's nuts!

Have a good weekend and hoping you find a way to de-compress when life feels a touch hectic.

Apples anyone? These are from tree # 1 - 2 more to go.....




  1. Sounds Ike a challenging week, no wonder you got so much sewing done, it's the best therapy. Hope things improve for your parents, and that Kelsie is feeling better. Great quilts and many diamonds. Did you glue baste your baby hexies?

  2. Wow.....I am wore out. You have really been on a roll, but I am sure it feels really good. Kuddos to you!

  3. Well goodness! you certainly have had some challenges going on. Hope you can get all things worked out with your parents so they are safe and sound.
    Now those 1/2" hexies certainly are a challenge. I could not even begin thinking about a kin size quilt with that size.
    Oh, I would love some of those apples. Looks like a great crop for you.
    Hope this week is better for you

  4. Wait a minute, I have to hear about all this through the blog? You guys still own a phone, right? Glad everyone is 'ok' and recovering.

  5. Apple envy!!!

    No easy answers on the life changes chapter, hang in there;.

  6. Sorry about the parents. Why don’t they ever do as the children tell them! :-)

    Blimey, no wonder your fingers weren’t smoking too. A busy bee, that’s what you are.

    I de-compress by going for a walk, best thing for sadness or nerves. Fresh air and exercise, nothing better.

  7. Pat, my goodness you have had a busy and stressful week. I hope they find out what is causing your Mother's shortness of breath, could be a number of things and then your Fathers spill, my goodness I hope he didn't injure any bones.

    Now on to a lighter note, thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so happy to hear that the roasting/freezing tomatoes is working for you. It is so much easier than canning. All that hot water!

    Your new project looks lovely. I think they would look good on pillows too.

    Hope your next week and weekend bring peace.

  8. Honey, you just really need to decompress. Things hit in bunches, don't they.

    Keep quilting!



  9. Oh dear, Pat. I am so sorry to read about the difficulties and worries regarding your parents. You and I are on parallel paths in that regard. I visited my parents last week and they are at the point where they need to be near family. My brother is 2 hours away and not in a position to be very helpful. They are now willing to move out here, but it is a huge upheaval. My heart goes out to you in this!


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