Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A sweet October...

...this month has always been a time of reflection & memories for me from a long ago loss. It is also a time of transition here in north central Wisconsin. Our brief summer is gone and everyone prepares for the winter months ahead. Extra quilts appear on beds and over a sofa or chair; Mr. Outback deals with loads of firewood bringing it up to the porch which will soon grow empty of outdoor tables and chairs. An rv to winterize and the last of the garden beds cleaned up in preparation for a well earned rest - all this makes for busy days. ..

But in recent days, October has turned so sweet with skies of the clearest blue framing red maples and yellow birch. A perfect backdrop for the arrival of our son and daughter-in-law from Alaska...

....precious family times on both sides, a fun Packer party watching #12 and teammates show the Kansas City Chiefs what life is like at Lambeau Field. Catching up over mealtimes...Mr. Outback and son spending a day together shooting skeet and me? - a beautiful drive to Bond Falls in Michigan...

The "Z" at Bond Falls

and the Porcupine Mountains....

Lake of the Clouds visit old stomping grounds for our photographer son. (If you are on Facebook search David Ryan Taylor Fine Art Photography). Sharing future dreams with our daughter-in-law along with talk about the need for a new flannel quilt...the kind of simple times that overflow with blessings.
There were visits to see Grandma & Grandma and a tearful goodbye with this message...
My Dad continues to decline in health - a family meeting with staff agreeing on hospice care when needed. Life always mixes in the sweet with the sad...
With all that has been going on at Taylorsoutback, quilting has taken a backseat but the first weekend in November will be here soon which means my once a year retreat - time enough for stitches and being with my quilting sisters. Not packed yet but just found these pj's at Target - aren't they just perfect!!
Back soon to share projects in the works, books, fabric and whatever else pops into my head. Wishing each of you days that are always sweet...



  1. Family always involves a little bitter with the sweet, doesn't it? Hope your Dad isn't suffering.
    Looks like a beautiful area--love waterfalls and Fall color. Put them together and Wow!
    You did find the perfect jammies. How fun!

  2. Beautiful autumn photos and happy memories made. Sorry to hear about your Dad, but it sounds like he is in good care. X Love your new pj's.

  3. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. Life is a mix of the bitter and the sweet

  4. What beautiful autumn photos. So glad you Alaskan kiddos could come and share some good times. Loved seeing you in the photo too! Take care.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your visitors. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad ... I hope you find comfort in knowing that he's in good hands.

  6. Your son & DIL picked a beautiful time of year to arrive for a visit!
    Time with family is so precious.
    Autumn is just gorgeous in your area.

  7. Autumn is my favorite time of the year I enjoyed the beautiful pictures.
    Life is full of better and sweet times. We only hope for more sweet and to pass peacefully through the bitter.

  8. Oh Pat.....we are living mirror images. I will be calling hospice tomorrow for my mom (92) and dad has been taking care of her. He is 94. It's been a heavy load. To get to quilt when I can is a blessing. I love Bonds Falls. I have seen them several time, but then of course, I am from MI. Hugs to you and yours. So glad you got to have your family here if only for a short period of time.

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with Dave and Jena. Those are good memories! Looking forward to seeing your new projects!


  10. Rich days spent with your children, savor every mi ite. Beautiful fall photos, pretty color.
    Take care!

  11. Beautiful pictures that you posted. I live in Indiana and we too have had those cold evening but beautiful sunny days. October is bittersweet with the changing of the seasons and getting everything put away. Loved your PJ' is always nice to look forward to spending time with kindred spirits doing the thing you love to do. I will check back for more beautiful pics. Robin Hawkins


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