Drayton Hall diamonds

Drayton Hall diamonds

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New year...new blog look?

Well - It would be nice to freshen up my blog's appearance - looking quite tired and drab. However, Blogger is not working for me and I am unable to change anything other than photos. Trying to go with different colors - background, text, etc. Nothing changes even though when working with the customization feature in Design the "apply to blog" button indicates it is working. But no new changes are evident.

Since I primarily post using Blogsy for my iPad, have been trying to make these changes using my older PC laptop. There has been virtually no response from Blogger regarding my query and apparently this problem existed for many a while back. However all those forum discussions are closed now and I cannot locate any further solutions.

Any thoughts or feedback from you, dear readers, would be greatly appreciated.

Any one else having similar problems?

Thank you for any help!!




Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I can relate to the AAAARGH!!!!!! button

Kyle said...

Not sure why these things can't be easy. My solution is I say to one of daughters that I need to change something and, dah dah, they do it for me. But I guess that might be cheating :0)

paulette said...

I like your blog as is! It's clear and simple, easy to read with gorgeous pictures and tons of eye candy! What's not to love! I find a lot of designers have so many ads and promotions and things for sale (with drop down boxes) that I can't get out of there fast enough! Like being in a mall the day before Christmas! Get me out of there! Your blog is just a nice place to visit...I hope it stays that way...:o))

Janet O. said...

I have run into that problem now and then when I am changing blog features, but it is usually only a problem on one or two items and everything else will work. Last time I updated, everything worked. Wish I could help you.

Susan said...

I do agree with Paulette, a change can be good, but please keep your easy to read style! Sorry I can't help with th tech issues.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I loved reading how you felt about starting a business and the ups and downs of life. It was always a gamble, but it led to so many different pathways. Some good, some disastrous, but I wouldn't change a thing!

Sending love and best wishes for the new year. May you and yours be healthy and happy.


Sharon said...

I cannot deal with trying to make changes anymore so 2016 will see me hiring an IT company to help revamp my very old and tired website and freshen up my blog to match. Sorry I'm of no help. I do think your blog is great and it's easy to read. I have bailed from all the blogs with pop up boxes, ads, etc. Too long to load, too many places to click and get lost, keep your site content fresh and people will continue to visit. That's my goal for 2016. Mine is boring and I haven't kept up with regular posts. I hope to change that this year.