Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Quilting with grins and giggles...

Needing to take a short break from a couple of long term projects...

So, here come the grins and giggles....knowing our Dave and Jena are fans of all things Minions...this was a very fun, quickly done, utility quilt - perfect for car travel or just curling up on the couch with Kodi - their 80# Golden...finished in time to mail off in their Christmas box

Did a darker blue flange next to the striped binding....
It was a first for me - never having done a "panel quilt" before...found myself grinning throughout the whole process...even though not overly fond of all that orange:-)

Then in the November-December Quiltmania - this retro pattern - the little rv and the long boat of a car - so early 1970's!

...Just about the time we gave up tent camping and went to this...1973?

Camped up in the mountains of North Georgia

My heart said - a must do! One of my long time quilting friends said -" yes, you must but it is out of your comfort zone a bit!"

Off to the quilt shop to buy fabrics with a touch of glitz - certainly not a normal part of my stash...more grinning going on...homeward bound and thinking - dare I do machine applique instead of hand?? Go for it! All this just before Christmas?

Obviously, it did not get completed in time for 2015 - but now it feels good to know it will be ready for Christmas, is a dark green like our station wagon.

Getting set up to do some easy free motion quilting - a touch more glitz? A light gold metallic thread? Add a tiny red bow to the wreath and little red buttons to the Christmas tree? Grins continue...

I keep thinking of how far we have come since those earlier times of simplified camping. That 14' Shasta (note the trademark silver wings on the back) had no heat source, water came from a manual hand pump, no refrigeration or indoor we pull a 34' foot 5th wheel, complete with fireplace, tv and queen size bed. Sometimes I miss that little 14 footer - could turn it into a "glamper" like this lady did...

....then indoor plumbing? Maybe not!

Hoping your New Year is filled with many grins and giggles too...


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  1. You have been having way to much fun with whimsical and nostalgic projects. They both look really good. ; )
    We used to camp with a tent trailer, but once the kids were grown we went back to a tent. We only go once or twice a year for a couple of nights, except for DH who is a scout leader. I don't go then! *LOL*

  2. Your post made me grin too with your minions and the Quiltmania quilt. You definitely had to make the nostalgia trailer project. I loved seeing the original 1973 inspiration.

  3. Such fun projects. I'm sure the Minions will be enjoyed. The camper project is perfect with your special memories. I saw Kaye England's glamper and it was quite nice. She said they sometimes only use it during the day - hotel sometimes for night. They are sure cute. I camped in a pop up fold out camper in the 70s. Can't say I miss it!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Both of those quilting projects were totally FUN and wonderful!
    Wishing you a very Happy New YEar!

  5. Beautiful quilts--I think they would make me smile each time I saw them and bring back happy memories

  6. Two cute, very fun projects! I am impressed the flange, I have not attempted that yet.

  7. You have been so busy! What fun projects.



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