Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A sense of contentment...

...a quick post inbetween wash loads...we just returned from the first skeet shoot of the season - as always, unpacking the RV and catching up on laundry.

Every May, we look forward to meeting up with friends in Illinois. Mr. Outback gets to shoot at little clay targets for 4 days and I get to relax - most of our main meals are simple and prepared ahead of time & 2 nights out to dinner make it even easier!

One of my favorite days is getting together with a long time friend who was my partner when we opened a quilt shop years ago. She grew up in Illinois and has been sewing and quilting forever. Of course, this means she knows every quilt shop! Our day started early and we did 4 shops in a row. I'm tellin' you - the body sure tuckers out quicker than it used to, but we had a great time!

I did not take many photos but have to share one from the Treadle II Fabric Shop in Bloomington. Having been there on a couple of other trips, it still knocks me over when going in..

This is only one aisle - there is more! But you get the idea - a quilter's heaven if you have the stamina and don't mind hunting for fabric in tight quarters! They only do cash or checks, no cash register that I saw; a generic sales slip and the owner keeps the carbon. She has been in business for 40 years and if you show her a swatch you seek, she can point to where it is or tell you they don't have it. Amazing place - absolutely amazing!

I had nothing in particular in mind and there was a sale going on for fat 1/4's - I got a little of this - a little of that - thinking applique for leaves, stems and birds...

A few purchases at the other shops and the realization that I am actually quite content with all my present and future planned projects that are in my sewing room. A nice feeling!

Wishing each of you a sense of contentment in all that you do...




  1. OMG!!! I have been there. Went with a friend and she almost walked out. Couldn't take the claustrophobic atmosphere, but I found fabric there that I thought didn't exist anymore. Came away with quite a few good deals. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Wow--what a treasure hunt that would be! Oh, to have a day or two to just peruse and find those perfect pieces you never thought you would see again. But I can see how a claustrophobic person would not be so inclined.
    I love your reflection upon your feeling of contentment.

  3. I know what you mean about how the older body tuckers out. We are so young inside and are forced to drag around our grandmother's body. That fabric shop in Bloomington looks like a lot of fun. I checked but they do not have an on lie presense. Figures if this is a cash only business. But WOW! You just know they have that elusive piece of fabric you have been searching for.
    I too am feeling the contentment of a well stocked fabric and project larder. I didn't buy any fabric on my jaunt to Kansas city yesterday. Just didn't "need" any.
    Your "chocolate chip"
    pam @

  4. Wow, that store really is an Aladdins cave! Nice choices of fabric. I usually only get fat quarters, but I find they are often too big for my needs. I know the feeling you're having. Especially when you have to travel to get to a quilt store, the urge to buy is strong. It's nice to feel content and satisfied to get on with our current projects.

  5. Sure looks like an interesting place. Not sure I could dig through to find the treasures. It would be a challenge.

  6. It sounds like a worthwhile visit - but that sense of contentment is the best thing to come out of a few days away.


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