Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Around the bend...

...on backroads that wander through the northwoods...always a first choice rather than a busy 4 lane...and the way I often approach life..

A chilly, rainy drive to the groomers for our senior fur baby - Molly's sheltie coat is so heavy and doubled, come warm weather we have her "lightened up". There are many who don't believe in this but when your little companion quits moving around, does not eat well and pants heavily, shortening the coat is the best choice. She is positively spunky after grooming & her step is quicker. (Our other 2 shelties go to the "beauty salon" later this week - they just get baths and a trim to neaten things up - their coats are totally different).

A nap by the fireplace is in order

While Molly was getting her spa treatment - I decided to check out what was around the bend...

A favorite greenhouse - and a selection of basic herbs for the garden...

Oh it was so hard to not come home with my usual trunk load of veggie and flower plants...but we have a very packed summer-on-the-road coming up and the gardens will be on their own for the most part. I all ready have dreams sketched out in my garden journal for 2017 though!!

What else is around the bend? Getting ready to make the turn on the final Cherry Tree quilt border...

And the binding has been waiting around the bend for 2 years...


And what is around your bend in the days ahead?




  1. We all feel better after a hair cut and freshen up! My garden is all tough love, they have to make it without too much extra attention. Who knows what's around the bend, but never a dull moment!

  2. We take our Aussie/Sheltie mix out in the back yard as soon as the weather warms up and give him a short summer cut and bath. He gets way too nervous to take to a groomer unfortunately. We have to do a light trim of his coat a couple times during winter in our living room on a big tarp. His hair grows really fast. We all do the best we can for our fur babies. Looking forward to seeing the finish of that beautiful quilt.

  3. Your Cherry Tree quilt is spectacular. It's looking more and more beautiful each time you get a section done. I love it in your header. It won't be long before you're able to sew that binding on. Yea! Oh, and don't feel bad about the garden, that's why they have farmer's markets. Hope there's one close to you.

  4. Looks like a busy day for your fur baby. I am so excited for you seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on your BTCT. your herbs, too. My son brought over a plant for some tomatoes that are the size of large peas. I loved them last year when he had them. Don't know the name of them, but I hopefully am going to enjoy tons of those little babies.
    As for me, the binding is on my NICU quilt and I have four more signature blocks to cover on my son's quilt. Then I am off to load another quilt on the long arm. So many things to do!!!

  5. Your Cherry Tree quilt is STUNNING! Absolutely drop dead gorgeous!

  6. I will be cheering you on as you get ready to bind this massive quilt. It is truly a fabulous piece that those of us who made one can attest to. I'm still plugging away on the x hatch for the outer round of blocks, only 3 of the 18 are completely x hatched............ So best to you on your so close finish. I wish you safe travels this summer

  7. What a great accomplishment being that close to finishing your Cherry Tree quilt.

  8. Love the theme of this post. : )
    How exciting to be rounding the bend on your Cherry Tree quilt!

  9. Molly looks so sweet with her "Pup Cut".
    We do the same for our little girl, they look much younger and I bet feel better too after a Spring Trim.

    Very exciting to see how close you are to a finish on your Cherry Tree quilt!
    I love your fabric choice for binding it too.

  10. We give Rory a good trim for summer too - it's the kindest thing to do!
    You were very conservative in your greenhouse purchases. I made a similar visit this week and can't say that I held back at all!
    I am looking forward to learning more about your travel plans for summer-on-the-road.


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