Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back to reality...

Back home at the edge of the northwoods ...We have returned to Taylorsoutback...after 2 months on the road gathering memories to last forever....

Finding time to update this blog has taken a back seat to other demands - overwhelming yard work (our lawns were taken care of but - oh my! the gardens and raised is a jungle out there!

Our Dave and Jena are staying with us while they get settled in new jobs and check out area housing options. I am being spoiled as they shoo me out of the kitchen to pitch in with meals and cleanup or lend helping hands in the gardens. Our house is filled with dogs, laughter, new recipes to try, books to share and watching preseason Packer football.

My Mom was so happy to see us and know her family is safe and close by...

When evening comes and there is some down time, out comes the can be repair work on a 2003 quilt which mysteriously has a little chewed corner -

This involves removing all the binding, reinforcing the corner and adding new binding.

Compliments of little Miss Innocent...who admits to nothing...

Or concentrating on joining rows for the first of 4 borders - Di Ford's Drayton Hall...there are way too many major projects in the works and I just want to focus on one for now until things settle into some sort of routine.

Do you know that feeling of wanting to be in eight places at once? That's where I am now...

Pat - home again - still dreaming of mountains and turquoise blue waters...

Moraine Lake -Banff Provincial Park



  1. Oh, Pat, when I saw your last photo everything else you had shared flew from my mind. Moraine Lake is one of my absolute favorite places on earth!! We were there 5 years ago and went canoeing for an hour. Hardly anyone else was there and it was magical. We had planned to return this summer, but family situations caused a change of plans.
    Isn't it amazing there? So jealous here! : )

  2. Good to hear you're safely home, and nice to have family to stay.....more happy memories to be made. Totally understand needing to focus on one project for a while.

  3. All I have to say is....I can relate! Welcome home.

  4. Sounds like you're slowly but surely settling back in to home. What a wondeful opportunity you had to be gone for so long and make so many memories. Dayton Hall is an awesome project. Can't wait to see you're next step.

  5. Getting back to normal takes some time, and some concentration and a whole different sort of energy. It must be so grand to have your son and DIL with you. Your family, all under the same sky - bliss!
    Little Miss Innocent has a lot to answer for! What a shame to find the chewed corner, but at least you have the skill and patience for the repair.

  6. The pictures from your trip were jaw dropping. Your home sounds like the right mix of family and chaos for now. Best wishes for settling back in. Thanks for keeping the pictures coming while you were traveling.

  7. Welcome home! I can believe you are going 6 ways at once trying to reorient and catch yourself up!

  8. It is always nice to be home again and savor the memories you made.
    Enjoy every minute.


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