Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A long, lingering Autumn...

... And the days drift by like the downy milkweed seeds that move across our fields. Pleasantly warm days for being outside and heavenly cool nights that call for a cozy quilt to sleep under. Here in Wisconsin, firewood is brought up to the porch and the gardens are stripped of frost touched foliage. Raised beds are cleaned and made ready for an easier start next spring. Mr. Outback has completed #7 - this one by the potting shed that will make my herbs much happier after being in wet clay.

Siding & windows repainted
Siding & windows repainted

Everything was moved to a temporary "nursery" so that the area could be made ready for the new bed. They will return to their new quarters come April. Two major moves in a month might be testing their ability to winter over. A few pots remain needing to be cleaned up by the potting shed soaking in the light of days that grow shorter.

We have made oodles of applesauce and some jars of plum "sauce" when the jam did not set up well enough - very tasty on Saturday pancakes! More apples have been sliced, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and frozen for winter pies. Tomatoes have been oven roasted and we are still enjoying crisp lettuces.

At the end of the day, the sewing room calls - after a huge stack of red fabrics tumbled off one my shelves (sending a strong message that it is overdue for tidying up) and a long forgotten floral was rediscovered - out came the Rit Tan dye and the fabric was given a dunking to mellow it down.

Small piece is before - large is after
Small piece is before - large is after
Since I use the back basting method for applique, everything is traced on the back. A partial fold shows the true cream color.
Applique/broderie perse design traced on to back for back basting. Corner fold shows right side

Pleased with results, now the cut out flowers will become part of the applique/broderie perse wreath for Drayton Hall. It is just a shame that a box of unused time was not found hiding on that crowded shelf!! My container of EPP diamonds continues to grow.

Staying focused will require a stern resolve as I have recently heard Di Ford will be introducing a Mystery Quilt through Quiltmania in January...if you check out Threadbear, you can have your name added to a list. We will be updated as more information becomes available. Fingers crossed that the kits will be affordable (fabrics to be selected by Di Ford - oh be still my heart!!!!!)

Slow but steady progress continues on my Cherry Tree quilt - another block marked today. Now that all the center blocks are done quilting the blocks along the edges of the border seems to go faster.

And so, this sadly neglected little blog is current for the time being...days at Taylorsoutback continue full - digging in the gardens, winterizing the RV and lamenting the fact that there was not a last trip out for the season (with the Apostle Islands closed off during the government shutdown, there went the trip to Lake Superior:o( - just another example of Washington silliness) - preparing for the coming winter months...chores upon chores. Looking forward to some fun this coming week - visits and get togethers with special friends will make for good times in this long, lingering Autumn....

Wishing each of you the same - what ever the season is! And a Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone in Canada!








  1. Thanks for a really peaceful and inspiring post. Your garden must be gorgeous to supply so much fruit. Lovely stitching too.

  2. what a nice post. I love the way your fabric turned out and the BP project is incredible - can' wait to see it develop. Your project box looks ready for work.
    Your Cherry Tree is looking so beautiful.
    We love home made applesauce too
    happy autumn activities!

  3. Busy, busy, TO! Just like me. I have applesauce from a couple of years ago that we still have to eat! Thanks for reminding me! xo

  4. Hi Pat,

    Your photos are beautiful. Congrats on keeping up with everything, canning, gardening, and quilting. Your work is amazing.

  5. I can see that you are getting ready for the great shut-down yourself. Eating summer’s harvest in winter is always a pleasure. I am busy preserving too.

    Your cherry tree quilt is a stunning piece of work, absolutely beautiful.


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