Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Friday, March 22, 2013

On being a MOG...

...both families are in full preparations for the June 1st wedding...compared to the 1960's when our own wedding took place, it is sure a different world out there. Being the Mother of the Groom has led me down a path of discovery and revelations! Since everything from the rehearsal dinner to the actual ceremony & reception is being held at Taylorsoutback, we have been thoroughly involved with much of the planning and everyone is on the same page!

Tent set up, chairs, tables, porta-potties (living in the country with holding tanks is not large gatherings-friendly), catering and supplies, linens, flowers - the list is long. This is definitely a Team project. Throw in the fact that our Dave and Jena are thousands of miles away in Alaska - thank goodness for Face Time, emails and digital photography!

The latest decision is looking at dozens of possible outfits - what to wear? I have always tended towards low key, understated clothing & buy and wear what is purchased until it wears out. You won't find one dress in my closet...lots of corduroys, sweaters and even a flannel shirt or two. That fits our retirement style of living. Put me outside in nice weather and off I go to the garden in jeans or shorts and a floppy straw hat. Things are very casual around here....

Imagine my amazement when coming upon these two little numbers while Googling Mother of the Groom dresses




What do you think?

One - no way could I walk in something like that and two, the cleavage alone would make me faint. Three? I would need a bowl of fruit to wear on my head a la Carmen Miranda. What were these designers thinking?

Cha, cha, cha...

Speaking of what to wear on one's head...after showing this hat to our son - who still has not recovered, I have decided to go hatless.


Again, what was the designer and Princess Beatrice drinking, I mean thinking?????

Yesterday I went shopping for an outfit but came home with a new wallet & 3 pairs of socks - beige - keeping in mind the old adage - a MOG wears beige and remains quiet...and so the search continues.

My apologies if I have not responded to your comments - life is a little crazy these days. I will try to do better. Have a good weekend dear readers - and so happy you dropped by to visit.







Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pumpkin vs. Cheddar?

What do you think? Those alternating blocks look more like antique pumpkin then the brighter cheddar in the original quilt -

In an earlier post, I mentioned easing in to using cheddar - so next project might be a little bolder! For now, have to cut the triangles for the edges and corners. It has been fun to move out of my little "fabric comfort zone".

While waiting on the Wedding Quilt to return, my time is also occupied with this mystery bowl of beads and this stack of fabrics - more reveals down the road....if I can remain lucid....

And painting a storage cupboard, desk & bookcase in "merlot" - upon opening the can of paint, eeeekkk! It looked like fuchsia and not remotely close to the chip card. Back to the store where a "know it all" kind of young sales associate grudgingly added a tad more of black coloring - back home - repaint a sample cupboard door and will now do a second coat. The verdict is not in yet....I don't want this frustration. But I am just not a fuchsia kind of gal.

Having rediscovered the pleasure of hand quilting - at the end of each day I look forward to an hour or two - making progress - slow - but progress. If you are wondering - will she go back in the opposite direction to do more grid lines??? Am thinking ..... Yes! At first I was undecided but have received gentle encouragement that it would be the right and proper thing to do...we shall see....

Working on this allows for a little thought time as I review pre-wedding details and what needs to be done yet on our end. But all ready the nights are bringing wakeful moments - how will this unfold, will the weather cooperate, will my Mom do okay in a large crowd of people, some whom she is meeting for the first time. It may be overwhelming for her and she tires easily. Her memory issues are a constant now and there is no turning back. It is difficult to watch these changes.


Ending on a happier note - hope you are enjoying this National Day of Quilting - Happy stitching!


Wedding Day Countdown - 76



Sunday, March 3, 2013

Coming out of my sewing cave... least that is what it feels like - I have been a bear hibernating.

The Wedding Quilt top is finished and is off for some beautiful machine quilting.

Just a peak as the final stitches were taken....

Given that February here in the northwoods brought what seems like a daily dose of snow, the time at home has allowed for staying focused in the sewing room.

My Mom's 88th birthday is in March and when I saw this fabric collection at our LQS, it was a perfect choice for her new placemats. These are her colors - soft Spring-touched greens. The pieces are from Moda's Field Notes grouping. (Blackbird Designs)

Just could not resist joining in on Barbara Brackman's 2013 Civil War BOM - Dixie Diary. When I heard the words "pink and brown" - well - it didn't take long to get caught.

These blocks are for January and February...

And starting to piece the first blocks using some new indigos and alternating cheddar squares. It might look like a hodge podge but there is a plan in my winter weary brain...

And in the quiet of a late winter evening - the hand quilting marches on. Just got these little Bohin rubber thimbles to wear on my right thumb - they cover the split nail & am hoping it will start to heal.
Now if this unexpected arrival of a head cold would go away, I would be happier - have never sneezed so much in my life!

Wishing each of you a good week ahead.


Pat (achoo....)