Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grrrrrrrrhhh! Can you comment?

A quick post about problems with comments this week...have heard from some of my regular readers - and thank you so much for contacting me as I was unaware of the situation! Apparently when attempting to leave a comment on my blog, everything freezes up or at some point, just doesn't complete the task.

Could you take a second and just tell me which browser you are using? Don't know if there is an issue with Firefox or Internet Explorer??? Or is Blogger up to mischief again...

If unable to comment, you can contact me via my Profile - email.

Thanks so much...comments are the life of any blog and I would be so sad if yours was missing!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Quiet Hour

It seems as though the 2012 weekly postings for Alphabe-Thursday have taken on a "memories of childhood" theme. This week the letter is "H". A major undertaking for the month of January is to Clean the Basement. This is not a project for the faint of heart...from my childhood high chair (almost 68 years old) old camping equipment, to the remnants of our son's left-behind household goods and everything in between - each day brings a flood of stored away images to my dust-clogged brain. 

Monday of this week was Book Day...sorting through dozens upon dozens of books that will go with us on our next trip to Alaska, out of date computer manuals (I believe they are obsolete as soon as they leave the book store), fictional novels and long ago college textbooks. All are bundled and tied up with cording ready to be donated. 

Except for one - this well read paper back - 
What is so special about this particular book?...when I came across it, everything else was forgotten for a time...the pages were turned and once again, it was evening. Our young son had just finished a warm bath, and a favorite pair of pajamas had been jumped into (the kind with non-skid feet). "Mom, can we read again tonight?" And we would snuggle on the sofa and pick up the story from the previous I read to him of the adventures of Atreyu and Falkor, the day would unwind and the house would grow quiet. Eventually, those little eyes would grow heavy and the book would be marked where we stopped. Tucking him into bed was not an issue...I am happy to say we never had problems with a child who fought bedtime. I attribute that mostly to The Quiet Hour. As for me, those times are a treasure.

..."I wonder, what's in a book while it's closed. Oh, I know, it's full of letters printed on paper, but all the same, something must be happening, because as soon as I open it, there's a whole story with people I don't know yet and all kinds of adventures and deeds and battles..." Bastian - The Neverending Story

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tiny Houses Under Construction...

Well, not sure if these little houses would pass government inspection but they sure are cute! 
It is also obvious where my main color palette lies...the bin of scraps that I am pulling from definitely favors subdued fabrics...
Yes, I know this is not the neatest construction site... if this quilt is to progress and look livelier, I need to be brave and introduce some brighter choices...
Was thinking back to the only other "house" quilt I have done - a few years back...these blocks were 8" finished if I recall -
They seem like "mansions" compared to the 3" cottages being built now.

Another Cherry Tree block has been completed. 

And these two have been recently finished...

Do you use the Clover Needle Threader? I own two of them, and both give me shredded threads, needles that fly out of the holder and often simply don't work. I recently purchased the Sewline threader (ordered it through Clotilde) and with all the appliqueing being done lately, have found it to be much more reliable.

The needle locks in place, usually threads a #11 applique needle well and has a neat little holder in the bottom for other needles plus a magnetic end. Thanks to Janet over at Quiltsalott for recommending this!! 
Also, curious to know if any of you on Blogger are having difficulty loading images? Seems to be an ongoing problem and I wish someone in the Forum would just get back to response but it is apparent others are having similar problems. 

That's it for now.
Have a good week and I am so happy you dropped by to visit!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"G" Is For My Little Ginny...

It must be the post-Christmas days that are making me so nostalgic. Remembering long ago Christmas mornings when growing up, bring back memories of the excitement of opening a longed-for Christmas doll. So come along and may I introduce you to my favorite doll of all... Ginny was created by the Vogue Doll Company and in 2011, they celebrated their 89th year of dollmaking. Read more about the history of Ginny, who originated in the home of a Massachusetts woman (dolls made in the USA!) by going to
Ginny is ready for a day on the slopes...

She arrived in her personal blue trunk -
 Inside, was a place where she could be stored, a little slide out hook for hanging her outfits, a drawer that pulled out to hold miscellaneous items, and Ginny's little suitcase, ready for world travel.
The Vogue Doll Company offered hundreds of handmade outfits to choose from and my Mom would surprise me with a special one at birthdays and Christmas time. Ginny owned party dresses, little checked shirts and jeans with a straw hat for picnics, a corduroy playsuit, riding jodhpurs and of course a jammie set complete with mirror, comb and little bedroom slippers.
 Ginny owns more shoes than I do!
Her travel suitcase, complete with socks, one glove (where did she lose the other one?) and unmentionables, of course.

Over the years, as I grew away from childhood, many of the other dolls in my room would be passed on to other little girls but Mom kept Ginny for me, knowing we had a special bond with each other.

Be sure to visit the other "G" postings over at Miss Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Oh how I wish there was such a website...where a button could be clicked and the sewing room studio would be instantly clean and ready. Where I could go to a menu and "select" which project my little heart desired that day (without getting sidetracked by all the others) and where there would magically appear just the right amount of yardage just the right color, washed, pressed and neatly arranged on the cutting table...

Well dream on...because this is my mess reality on January 1, 2012...

Are you like me? Where the start of a shiny New Year brings us the notion that anything is possible...all the quilts in our hearts will be created in the weeks ahead? Living in North Central Wisconsin, the next three wintery months stretch into the snow covered woods and it is prime time for anyone who quilts. What have I got on the "Dream List?"

Two major year long projects are winding down...
Have caught up on Barbara's Civil War Blocks and now must decide on sashing and settings...the last of the blocks...
Can't believe it - but only 3 blocks left to do on the Beyond the Cherry Tree Applique Quilt - (the four borders will make for a nice portable project when traveling later in the year).Will be posting photos of the recently completed ones soon (Blogger seems to be difficult with doing multiple images lately)

Have made commitments recently for two online projects - check out both of the buttons up above on the sidebar - Just Takes 2 (no blocks done yet - need a trip to the LQS for 9 yards of background fabric - yikes!) and Building Houses From Scraps (there are certainly enough scraps around to make those 366 houses) - this is the first one - only 365 more to go...3 inches when done - so darn cute! But I can tell right away, they should be scrappier to give the sides of the house more definition. Need to decide on little sashings and cornerstones too.
So now, it is the New Year with brand new 24 hours in each day - anything is possible!!! That and a trip to the LQS will be a start...

But first I had best clean up the mess - watching the first season of Downton Abbey again will help and refresh the memory for January 8, when the 2nd season begins...quality TV returns!
Happy days to each of you...