Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Violets in the morning...

...the air is still cool, the grasses heavy with dew.. Deep in the surrounding woods dozens of birds announce the start of a new day and are not disturbed by our arrival....on a shade covered path in our south field, lies a cluster of perfect Spring violets...

They must be gathered quickly, for their appearance is a brief one.

Careful where you step...

My little companion, Seana, makes herself at home as I begin to pick each blossom...

And then lured by intriguing smells and interesting sounds, starts to explore her surroundings...

...and hearing something, lets her presence be known by a bark or two - a deer? A bear??

Hmmm... A bear?? I believe there are now 2 cups of blossoms as required - lets head back home...

Yes...2 very full cups...add 2 cups of boiling water and we will let this steep overnight...

What happens next....???












Monday, May 12, 2014

Hexie pincushions..

....they just keep popping up everywhere. A fun workshop was recently presented by one of our Liberty Ladies members - this was the result -

And check out Thimble Stitch (tap name for link) interpretations with additional cross stitching...

Have to love those hexies - and know there are more coming in the Di Ford Mystery quilt (saw a sneak peek in a photo from the Nantes Quilt Show in France)

No hexies here, but completed Block #5 in the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt - really liked doing this block, as a larger piece of the red chintz could be used - this antique-inspired fabric is a favorite of mine, even though it is a tad heavier and thus does not needle turn as smoothly as I would prefer.

Finally back to working on the center wreath for Drayton has been folded up for too long!

Stress level continues on a high note, so keeping hands busy continues too..

Have a good week everyone.



Friday, May 2, 2014

Busy hands.... to quiet stressful times...It would be hard to imagine how to deal with worries - without the soothing feel of fabric and a needle in hand.

With each posting of a new Benjamin Biggs quilt block my enjoyment of working with only 2 fabrics grows - no thinking about choosing just the right piece which I usually love to do so much; but right now this approach is satisfying. Up to date and just downloaded Block #5 which will get prepped this weekend.

And never fear - the Di Ford Mystery Quilt has plenty of different fabrics to play with. Up to date on that one too...waiting on the next installment. Those 3 little hexie flowers pinned to the design wall? Going to wait until the next border gets added and the corners are more stable. I got one little flower appliqued on but there isn't much to hold to. Loved doing all those little circles - more satisfaction!

So while I wait, perhaps a little more hand quilting...or if it ever stops raining and dries out, gardens to plan....have to keep those hands busy...

Have a nice weekend and hoping the weather is more settled in your neck of the woods.