Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Thursday, November 29, 2012

"B" is for Behind....

Well - that is what I am - Behind - Miss Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday...she will have to schedule a catch-up or remedial session for me at this rate... Last week my letter was A for Absence...

Just can't seem to get caught up from being we see a pattern unfolding here? At this time of year, do you feel like the world is moving ahead of you leaving you Behind? 

Or do you feel like kicking yourself in the Behind? Sometimes...forgetting to do something important, regretting a decision you made, saying the wrong thing, a valued item left Behind at an airport, in someone's car or a park bench...wasting time and getting more Behind?? 

Or when you think of the word Behind - is it in a more positive light - like leaving Behind good memories for someone - a family member or special friend...leaving Behind something you made with your hands to be treasured by future generations...

Behind - how do you see yourself right now...a cloud to hide Behind or a bright sun emerging from Behind a cloud to capture the day...


Saturday, November 24, 2012

A New Log Cabin Quilt...

...aka "Toad River Log Cabin" - the top is complete and is off to the long arm quilter to do her magic. It measures 93" X 93" and the logs finish to 1" which is as big as I like to take them, usually preferring narrower widths. 

This was one intense piecing project and I kept going over and over every inch of it once it was together - did I flip a block, are the logs where they are supposed to be...did any identical colors get placed next to each other? (Think that happened once??) 
A bird's eye view - taken from the loft...
Will share a photo of the quilt when it returns and the binding gets added. (Pattern is Judy Martin's Snake River Log Cabin)

No doubt, like most of you, when a quilt top is dropped off at the L.A. quilter, you just don't say - here it is and leave right away...there are quilting designs to be decided on and thread color choices to go over. And usually there are other quilters visiting at the same time - which of course means everyone gets to talking and sharing...don't you love that immediate sisterhood! I just had to take a couple of photos of one of the other quilts waiting to be quilted. (Taken with my iPhone so not quite as sharp) The quilt is about twin size (shown folded here)

Isn't this amazing? 

Those little squares are finished to 1/2" - it took the quilter 8 years to complete the top which was inspired by an antique quilt she had seen and wanted to reproduce. During those 8 years, she traveled all over the world with her family and of course, collected "a few" fabrics along the way. There was much discussion as to how it should be quilted - sure hope to see at least a photo of the completed quilt!!   

Wishing everyone a week filled with creativity and holiday preparations...thank  you so much for dropping by to visit!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"A" Is For Absence...

....Which is what I have been from Miss Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday. As so often happens, life simply means our given 24 hours never have enough time in them...

But "absence makes the heart grow fonder" as they say and I have missed being a part of the weekly letters and visiting all the interesting postings from everyone. 

"A" for us here at Taylorsoutback has meant a 7 week trip to Alaska which included a very fun side trip to Anchorage with my future daughter-in-law as we shopped for wedding gowns.
"A" has also meant the completion of a very large applique quilt project and preparation for the handquilting portion. 
"A" also the beginning letter of "Abnormal" which is what our weather in Wisconsin has been this Fall...tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we will be around abnormal is that?

And that is about it - a short entry to be sure...but I wanted to jump in and hope to keep  up with each letter of this round.

Wishing everyone a Amazingly Happy Thanksgiving!



Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Little Quilt

Taryn over at Repro Quilt Lover is having a very fun giveaway and links to a quilt show featuring little quilts. She is on a Cheddar Role and offering the most wonderful cheddar fabric and a sweet little quilt - be sure to visit all the links!

This is my entry for the show - a favorite little quilt that I made for the 2011 Christmas gift exchange in our quilt history study group - Liberty Ladies. My friend, Geri, now owns it...

 Enjoy your visit to the quilt show!