Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 Blessings

There are only a few more days left in this roller-coaster year...we have seen the best and the not-so-good on this beautiful, but delicate, planet we call home. Politicians who know nothing of reality and continue to waste our time and monies, corporations continuing to behave badly, weather disasters that took lives and homes, saying goodbye to loved ones - the sad things are endless. Then the images of joyous reunions as our troops return home, people who give with generous hearts to those who need it most, advancement in the treatment of diseases, the good things are endless too. 
I hope 2011 has been kind to each of you, dear during this week before we receive the gift of a new slate, new opportunities, new experiences...take time to remember the Blessings of this past year.

My own dozen Blessings - the computer doesn't have enough storage space to list them all...

1. A family that is as "constant as the North Star."
2. Having my Mom (86) and Dad (93) with us.
3. Knowing our Dave and Jena are well and happy in Alaska.
4. Losing 6 pounds!  :o)
5. Motivated to lose more...
6. Making the Christmas turkey stuffing with home-grown herbs.
7. Molly and Kelsie and all the sweet memories of our Sasha.
8. Each of you who take the time to read my wandering thoughts &     the online friendships that have formed.
9. My sewing room studio
10. Books
11. Beautiful music
12. The special groups of ladies that I meet with regularly and share the bond of quilting with. 

Always keep the child in you nearby - as a toddler, there are misty memories of sitting in a rocking horse and about 15 years ago, I found one exactly like my memory - it had to come home with me.

Wishing each of you Blessings in 2012!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Wish For You...

In a winter garden,
I saw the snowflakes gleam,
Just like in my childhood -
Winter wishes, winter dreams...

What ever your faith, where ever you are around the globe, near or far, I would like to wish each of you in the spirit of this special time of year, blessings and all that is good in the New Year. 

(Taking a little blogging break - back soon)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The "E"yes Have It!

This week over at Miss Jenny's, our class letter is "E" - so the little set of matching Eye balls has made a return...

You might remember them from back in October when I had the first cataract surgery...had the left eye done on Tuesday of this week and now have a matched brighter days ahead and hoping for clearer vision. Just a smooth, quick procedure - all of 10 minutes or so, a little cup of ginger ale with a straw to speed me on my way and a huge pair of dark sunglasses to dampen the glare off the white snow.

Today is dedicated to doing a few more simple Christmasy tasks - and doctor says no snow shoveling for a shucks:o) 

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Wishing everyone days filled with clarity and light.
Back soon...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Quilters Christmas Party

We had our first Christmas gathering with quilting friends last Thursday. The Liberty Ladies group I belong to does an annual Cookie and Gift Exchange. This year, as always, everyone had a great time...visiting, sharing and planning for what we will be doing in 2012. This year has been focusing on the Anniversary of the Civil War and next year is the War of 1812 (visit Barbara Brackman's blog)

Everyone brought cookies to exchange and we all came home with a nice variety of sweet things for ourselves family members.

And then the gift exchange...oh my! We drew numbers and each gift had a corresponding number, so we had no idea what was in it or who made it until the final reveal. 
Fun little wool appliqued purses for going out and about...

Unique needlecases...a wooden case with 2 levels and silk ribbons...

A tiny Whitman's Sampler tin outfitted to hold needlework tools...

One of the ladies does a cross stitched Santa every year...
This little wool table mat featured beading and also included a Santa ornament...
A Christmas wreath made using the Lil' Twister ruler and a vintage-look ornament...
And some little quilts - from dolly size complete with a pillow pincushion and crocheted angel...
A little nine patch made with William Morris reproduction fabrics...
This lovely star is made using Lately Arrived From London fabric
And lots of HST's in this nice quilt made from a Lori Schmidt pattern..
This is the little quilt I made from Jo Morton's Small Quilts and Vintage Charm book...
And so another holiday is kicked off with fun and friendship...with busy days ahead...
Wishing each of you days filled with friends and special moments.