Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Calling cards and flannel shirts....

When I picked up the phone to invite some cousins over during the holidays, it struck me how our social life has evolved from the 1800's. We now have so many options to keep in touch with near and far family and friends. Whether it be by land line, cell, email, Skype or Facebook, it all can be accomplished quickly.

Imagine yourself 150 years ago - hand writing an invitation or arriving at someone's home and presenting a beautifully inscribed calling card.

Or what an interesting approach in getting acquainted between a man and a young woman...

Oh my - how times have changed and not always for the better!

Even in more recent times - if you were a young military officer in the early 1960's - there was a certain protocol in place when calling on your Commanding Officer and his wife. When Mr. Outback & I married in 1966, we received this silver calling card tray from one of his Australian relatives. And my dear MIL, who wanted to help educate me in the Army tradition of calling cards and formalities, presented me with this book. I must confess, our dear little tray has more often held tiny mementoes rather than someone's card. I would like to think we know our manners and can be relied on to act appropriately when out in public. But, truth be told, we are simply more relaxed using the phone or email and love wearing flannel shirts....

So, if you are ever in our neck of the woods, a calling card is not required and you can just....

Happy New Year everyone - be comfortable and be safe out there!


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Some snow-filled thoughts....

December 17, 2016
Outside, it is a winter wonderland...lots of fresh new snow and increasingly cold temperatures have guaranteed a white Christmas here at Taylorsoutback. Inside, our tree is up and presents are being wrapped. The first round of baking has all ready week the kitchen will be filled with more cookie ingredients. Apparently, some elves have been devouring those first efforts...
Just a little sewing going on around here as last minute touches are added to a special peeking!
The first week in December started out with our annual Christmas gathering for the Liberty Ladies, my quilt history study group. We always do a cookie exchange and optional gift offering. This year I made a sewing box from the French General pattern Le Marais.

French General fabrics and a beaded tufted interior

In return I received this wonderful quilted piece - love the colors and the scale of the blocks. The border fabric really sets everything off too!

A special lunch with long time friends and opening Christmas cards from loved ones far away help to keep our thoughts upbeat. My Mom has not rallied and the nursing home staff has arranged for her to be under the care of Ministry Hospice. We had so hoped she would be well enough to join us for Christmas, but it is not to be. When we emptied their house last year, all Mom & Dad's Christmas ornaments were carefully packed up and kept. Our tree this year has all of those hanging on the branches & I had wanted her to see them. So many years and memories of special ones we had given them...

We are so thankful to have our Dave and Jena with us - no more long, anxious flights from Anchorage in the midst of winter storms. Their presence and thoughtfulness are beyond dear...recently while Mr. Outback and I were gone for the day on errands, they both arranged solar powered lights on an evergreen that stands next to our pond...from dusk to early morning, the lights shine out softly and lift our spirits.

May your days ahead be filled with all good things and blessings.


(PS - with the closing down of Blogsy for those of us who blog via iPad, a new Blogging app has recently appeared - it is called Blogo and I am giving it a try - so far so good - learning my way around)