Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Monday, July 18, 2011

Keeping My Cool...

When we moved from Atlanta to Wisconsin in 1974, the hot, humid summers were left behind...or so we thought. Put any kind of label on it that you want...but this July in the Northwoods is reminding us of a classic Southern Summer. It's sticky, humid, stormy, & hot! Days of mid 70's, endless blue skies and dry air are distant memories...

We had a storm move through last night that brought winds and a much needed rain but no relief from the blanket of warmth that covers every thing. The row of lettuces which are finally looking decent are now under a canopy in hopes of preventing bolting. 
In the light of day, we found apples on the ground from whipped tree branches, tomatoes bent over and needing to be secured again and herbs and flowers that had a definite southern lean to them because of strong north winds. Out into the sauna I ventured first thing this morning to do inspection and clean up...and quickly back in to the comfort of the A/C (our builder scoffed at our request for central air...he said log homes retain their warmth in winter and coolness in summer...we stuck by our decision and have never regretted it a second.) The air is so heavy that our glasses fog up when stepping outside.

So with predictions of continued hot weather this week, I made a list of "Cool Activities." A lot of sewing is first and foremost! Other things can come later...more organizing in the basement, shampooing carpet and ugh...ironing.

Right now, the main part of a wedding gift is pieced and I need to decide on borders...lots of blue batiks and a batik background that looks like raindrops...just quick to piece 6" nine patch blocks.
 Will show you the whole top when the borders are on.

Two recent Civil War blocks from Barbara Brackman have brought me up to date again. They need trimming, but wanted to share them with  you.

Railroad Crossing
Next Door Neighbor

And two little bags which sewed up very quickly today. One for me and one for a friend...

 A little pattern from Little Scraps - This and That.

Thought they were a cute size for when you don't want to carry a large purse around.  And the random little pleats add interest. I finally am able to say something is finished! Although I still need to sew buttons on the front...

That's about it at Taylorsoutback for now. While I miss not being outside working in the gardens and enjoying the fresh air, it is a matter of being comfortable, Keeping My Cool...

With an Amaretto Slush...

Hope you have a Comfortably Cool week - no matter where you are!



  1. Amaretto Slush! I remember us having a few of them when I came to visit before we trekked up to Alaska. Oooh they are SO good. Can you please, send me the recipe? :) I'll be happy to make some here at home! Wouldn't be a bad idea to have some after a long day at work, plus the darn commute. :) Love and Miss you guys, and the girls too. I'll be home before you know it! Stay cool, and well talk soon! Loved talking to you yesterday for a bit, always brightens my day!

  2. Yuck! I don't envy you the weather - I remember living in Connecticut and being very unimpressed at the 97% humidity! No fun! Love the sewing. i don't think you can go past a simple 9 patch quilt. i have never made one but am feeling more and more drawn to the pattern. happy stitching and stay cool!

  3. nearly forgot - cute little bags too! can i be your friend?

  4. I thought I was dropping in for a cuppa coffee -Amaretta slush can also fit the bill. I have even resorted to ice coffee in the afternoons. We, unfortunately, have been outside working since Colorado son came out for a couple days to help out with the pruning and mulching. I love your ideas better - so off to the sewing room today as soon as son flys out. Beautiful projects and completions, Pat. Judy C sends "warm" wishes for a restful and cool day

  5. Stay tuned everyone - the little bags are fun to make and will do a Quick Summer Giveaway soon!

  6. Oh sounds icky there. I think I am starting to hate summer. Love your civil war blocks, too!

  7. That amaretto slush sound lovely! Would you consider sharing the recipe?

    Love the wedding quilt! Looking forward to seeing it finished!

  8. Funny how my glasses are steaming up as well, TO!


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