Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sensory Overload...Part One

If there is one thing a gardener likes to do other than actual gardening, is visit other gardens. You can walk leisurely through winding paths, ask questions and learn and come away inspired...all without the need of work gloves or a shovel. Put 35+ gardeners on a bus headed to three unique gardens in Southeastern Wisconsin and you have the makings of a truly enjoyable day. Rather than stick you with tons of photos all at once, there will be 2 more postings for the remaining two gardens. Pondside Gardens on July 26th and Solaris Gardens on July 28th. I hope you will plan to follow along as we tour.

Our first stop was way out in the country and the address falls under the Township of Scandinavia (of Iola-Scandinavia Antique Auto Show fame).  Labisch Gardens is a privately owned garden which has been created by a very diligent retired couple who moved out of Milwaukee years ago seeking a quiet life. When our big chartered bus pulled up to the driveway entrance on the narrow country lane, I wonder if they were rethinking what "quiet" meant! They have planted over 350 different varieties of hostas, daylilies and perennials on their shaded hillside property. Mr. Labisch states that it all started with a wish from his wife, "for just one little flower bed, dear."

I hope you enjoy your visit!

A necessary country home item - or the world's biggest watermelon?       

 The Labisch's have followed an Angels and Fairies theme throughout the garden - pieces of garden art are tucked everywhere and sometimes are nestled amongst all the hostas, which range in size from diminutive to giant. Don't you love the texture on these leaves?

In addition to the fairies and angels, the walkways are shared with garden friendly pooches or other critters...

Of course, hummingbirds are always welcomed!
And who wouldn't want to linger when presented with such beautiful blooms...

This is a variety of begonia - the entire display must have been 45" across - just spectacular. I took a close up so that you could see the shape of this unusual variety.
After being treated to baked scones and our choice of coffee, ice water or lemondade, we boarded the bus for our next stop. As we were leaving, these two very sweet little faces appeared at the window - aren't they adorable little yorkies!!
Come back soon and join us for a visit to our 2nd garden...Pondside Gardens in Kiel, Wisconsin...can you believe - over 500 hostas!! And they sell them!!  

See you on July 26th!



  1. What fun we had! I spent the morning planting - not finished, but too tired and hot to continue. Can't wait the see what your photos from the other gardens look like!

  2. Love the propane tank...I have a big white one which I'll try to make look like mulch.

  3. Wonderful post, Pat - I truly love the architecture and different greens and sizes of hostas. Unfortunatey for us, so do our deer. They like them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so we have been unable to keep them anywhere but inside the fenced yard, which does not really have enough shade to develop the spectacular colors. Can't wait for the other two gardens. Just lovely. Judy C in NC

  4. What an amazing place - I love those Yorkies!

    Pomona x

  5. Great photos. Looking forward to your next garden posts!

  6. I miss going on garden tours. Lots of whimsy and beautiful plants and arrangements! They love their garden and it shows.


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