Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Monday, March 26, 2012

Whispering Weeping Willows...

This morning there is a nip in the air and the fireplace holds a warming fire...but after the record setting temperatures the last few weeks, our Spring has definitely arrived earlier than normal. The ice has completely vanished from our pond. 
Geese, ducks and even a naughty muskrat have returned to make their seasonal home. 

The house has made it through another Wisconsin northwoods winter and our snow weary eyes greet budding weeping willows with much pleasure.
Donning a cozy fleece jacket and a pair of garden clippers, I headed out to the little garden under our sunroom windows...with a warm, southern exposure, the daffodils have all ready started to bloom and a small bunch begged to be gathered for an inside bouquet.

Tucked in next to the thyme plants, a little yellow pansy turns its face to the sun..I was also pleased to see that the Siberian Wallflowers made it and the Lupine plants which were started from seeds brought back from Alaska in 2010 look very strong.Like old friends returning, it does a gardener's heart good...

Since the chilly day had gotten to me, heading to the sunny sewing room seemed a natural place to warm up...while hunting for something, look what I found - a long ago started project that echoes our own weeping willow trees that line the pond...I need to work on this!!

And this cute border pattern needs to go onto some special dishtowels.

On to the table of "Good Intentions." 

Progress has been made - the first Cherry Tree quilt border is done and the 2nd one is in the works...
And another beautiful book has been received - a gift from one of our stitching Buds - thank you, Jean! I want to try every recipe!!!

Though things appear to be on the quiet side at Taylorsoutback, there is much afoot and as the weeks unfold, I will be sharing more stories...

In the meantime...wishing you a daffodil-filled week 



  1. Kinda like having a new lease on life when Spring rolls into the neighborhood ... flowers are looking good and the stitcheries are iching to be done and plans to be made for the coming months. Glad to hear from you. Judy C in sunny and warm NC

  2. Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers and yours are gorgeous in that red transfer ware pitcher!
    thanks for a beautiful post.

  3. Woohoo..your border looks great. I love the little cabin with the willows pattern. At first I thought it was a rug hooking pattern. Very cute. Great going Pat.

  4. Thank you Mom#2 for sharing the photos of your flowers and beautiful property! It brings Dave and I closer to where our home away from home is - and we both can't wait to be back in WI later this year to spend with both of our families! YAY! Love and miss you guys!

  5. It certainly looks like your week is starting out great. Lovely spring photos. Oh you are working on a rug. So cool. Make sure to show your progress. I am wanting to do more hooking myself.

  6. Beautiful pictures! I am loving that border too!

  7. Isn't it wonderful that spring seems to have arrived. i just hope there will be no hard frost to kill the blossom in the fruit trees off, like last year.

  8. Fingers crossed that spring has come to stay by your pond. We had sun today, so I live in hope!

  9. This morning I found your blog and became a Follower and added yours to my blog roll.
    I am just beginning a hand appliqued border for a quilt and like seeing your photos on this post of yours.
    I'll be back for visits here.


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