Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, March 12, 2012

Quilting in the Garden...

With the arrival of March, we have entered that misty zone between lingering winter and Spring's first soft notes...our weekend was glorious with temperatures in the 60's and a breeze that floated gently across the face. A perfect day for a walk with a friend who came up to visit us...
This Monday morning brings a dense fog advisory and a chill to the air - a warming fire in the great room beckons. Laundry spins in the washer and dryer down the hall and I find a moment or two to gaze at a newly arrived seed order from Renee's. Is there a bit of warm California sun inside that envelope? One can dream... 

With travel plans in the works for the approaching summer months, the garden will be somewhat limited this year. But, we couldn't go without our plantings of lettuce, carrots, peas and perhaps a cucumber or two if timed right...

Even though on the road, a gardener can still play with flowers, especially if she likes to quilt...and just when I thought it was safe to go browsing at the Crabapple Hill site again (after a self-imposed lock-out!)...well...look what those designers have come up with to tempt us. (And thanks to one of my stitching buddies, Kathy L. for getting me into trouble in the first place and who led me kicking and screaming all the way to the check out counter!)

A Gardener's Alphabet...

12 luscious patterns in this set that will work into a 64 X 73 quilt...with fabric prepped, crayons in hand and some of that lovely Cosmos embroidery floss, this will be a fun,  portable, project to take along. Coloring, stitching and gardening - all in one!

And, my first Cherry Tree border is sprouting leaves and cherries...
Let's see - what else is new? A book has arrived at Taylorsoutback...

Take a peak inside...Civil War quilt fabric history and pattern blocks to drool over...

And one last book recommendation before I sign off for now...
Mr. Outback presented me with a new Kindle for my birthday...yes, I know, I was one of those people who loudly said - Not For the feel of a book in my hands, even the fragrance of the paper pages. But then, discovered you could ENLARGE the text for eyes that are aging. What's not too love about that? So now, I love the Kindle and the second book downloaded - right after Jane Eyre, of course (my all time favorite) was The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. A magical story based on the Russian fairy tale - The Snow Maiden. This new take is a first novel and I did not want it to end. An easy read with descriptions of the Alaskan wilderness that will have you feeling every snowflake. 

Still having problems with that annoying "Word verification" on Blogger? Visit Sharon's blog for very clear instructions on how to get rid of this pesky feature. Thank you, Sharon for providing this!

All for now...have your own magical week...


  1. I have a problem with Crabapple Hill too. I have two larger embroidery quilt patterns (snowmen and the other bunnies) plus a pillow pattern (July 4 design). I have not done them and I don't have a light table either yet, but I love them and had to get them for that someday project. The whole garden series in a complete package is a bit pricey- I don't know if I can do that one but it's beautiful. I especially love the Fall/Halloween designs they have.

  2. Ooooooh you could be called an enabler for posting all that yummy stuff ;)

  3. Great pictures Pat. Thanks for sharing. Your border is coming alone nicely. You are doing yours just the opposite of me. I did the cherries, the vine and then the leaves. Either way, it's taking you to a completion and that ia a good thing. It's looking great!

  4. that border is looking lovely Pat. I too love my kindle after saying exactly the same I can't stop downloading books, just so easy. I'll give your recommendation a go - I'm always looking for something new to read...

  5. The garden pattern looks lovely and your cherry tree border looks wonderful~
    That book looks great, must look into that one.

  6. Good for you - I just knew you were going to give in and order your very own Gardener's Alphabet ... so Pat and it will be so beautiful ... no regrets, ever and a wonderful take-along project. Cherry Tree is looking lovely. Really looking forward to hearing all about your Spring/Summer adventures. Judy C

  7. Forgot to mention - I recently bought a Crayola Light Up Tracing Desk - WalMart toy department -and use it as my portable battery-operated light table. Works perfectly - I looked until I found one with the Princess sticker (instead of a Cars sticker), because that was important to me. LoL Might be the perfect thing for you to take along on your adventures. Judy C

  8. Oh, look at all those great seed packets. Looks like a big garden is in the plans.
    I saw the Gardener's Alphabet pattern on her blog. She creates such great designs.
    Every time I come to your blog I have to stop and admire your Cherry Tree Quilt. It is so pretty.

  9. You are having fun, it oozes out of every word you've posted. Well, it's spring (nearly) and life is beginning to look brighter.

    Planning good times is often as good as living them, isn't it?

  10. Your new pattern looks lovely, I daren't go and have a closer look, must keep my blinkers on. You're going great with your Cherry Trees, woo whoo.
    I thought the same about e books but I'm a convert now after going on holiday and being able to download them. Thanks for the book recommendations and happy belated birthday!

  11. Hey, just wandering around trying to catch up but I have too much to do at the moment. Praying for The Herbal Husband's return! Liked your version of your friend's visit! xxoo Nancy

  12. I just got the greatest surprise squishy!!! Thank you so muck :)...I cant wait to blog about it tonight :)

  13. I love seeing what projects you are working on. The quilted garden will keep you until you can plant all those seeds. Spring and Summer is on its way to you and I will send some of the California sunshine if it ever comes out here again!

  14. Dear Pat,

    Ahhh, you've succumbed to the fateful large type love affair. Got to admit that it is pretty wonderful, but books, sweet books, we can't lose those.

    Loved your cherry and leaf border, your book recommendations too. I am doing a middle grade novel which is in 1860. Would this pre Civil War era be in that book? I need some names of old time patterns for the story.

    All joys to you,


  15. WOW!Great pictures Pat!

    Thanks for sharing...have fun in your garden.

    :) Carolyn

  16. That border is just beautiful!
    Your post made me feel in the mood for some good spring weather - something that has been in short supply up here! This is the time of year for dreaming over seed packets and planning a summer holiday's reading. I also received an e-reader as a gift. I haven't used mine yet though!

  17. I'm intriqued that you like the kindle. Hmmm...


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