Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The quietness of a summer's day...

The soft fragrance of nearby evergreens drift through the open window as I sit in my chair...the outside calls me and a slow moving applique project that I have been playing with is set aside.

After the busyness of the wedding preparations and all the wonderful festivities, the days have slowed their pace - we have seen the Summer Soltice arrive and depart and try not to think that the days will grow shorter as they make their way towards another season. For now, the warmth and quietness of late June satisfies the soul and the pleasures of the gardens welcome us.

Last week, 4 of us attended the International Quilt Show in Chicago...

As in this amazing quilt, there were quilters from all over... was nice visiting the vendors, but we all agreed that the show seemed somewhat "flat" with little to really grab our attention. From another perspective, it could also mean we each have enough in our own stashes to last 8 lifetimes - LOL

The next day, we toured the lush gardens at Northwinds in Burlington, of the pond areas and little waterfalls - so soothing...

Antique booths offered up a variety of vintage or repurposed items - from garden art.... a sweet little child's bench and chair set - the little chairs had drawers tucked in below the seats...and all hand painted...

Another delightful way to spend a quiet summer day...

Wishing each of you a time for quietness this week...




  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I thought to myself, "get up, girl, go out and sit in your swing!" Love the photos of nature.

    I had at one time planned to attend the quilt show but illness prevented it this year.

    Enjoy the remainder of your day. :)

  2. Looks like you are spending your summer in a very relaxing way these days.
    Did you get to meet Michelle from The Raspberry Rabbits? She was in Chicago too teaching and show off her designs.

  3. It looks idyllic Pat. Enjoy your summer.

  4. What a nice post Pat. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Looks like you've had a wonderful quilting adventure and some much needed relaxation since the wedding!
    I love all those pictures - thanks for sharing them!

  6. Sweet post today. It's interesting that sometimes everything looks new at a show and other times were not so easily tempted. Glad you're relaxing.

  7. Lovely post, my raspberries have just popped this week. It's muggy here, we have storms coming and going, but summer is here. The moon was amazing this week!

  8. You deserve some peace and quiet.

    Wow, that city scene quilt is fantastic. Just fantastic.

    Sending love across the hot miles,

    Sharon (another Sharon)

  9. I can tell you're more relaxed and enjoying your weather. Thanks for sharing the house quilt, it's amazing, I love it a lot.

  10. Thanks for reminding me the days are shorter!:) It has just been raining every day for us! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Your quilt show looked as fun as the one we went to and I agree with your assessment that you have a stash for 8 lifetimes! Just like my x-stitch stash. :) Enjoy these summer days, Pat! Short as they may be! xo Nancy

  11. That sounded like a great excursion, Pat, even if your stashes probably rivaled anything for sale at the show! Your applique project is intriguing.


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