Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome to 2014...

We have left 2013 behind... Life at Taylorsoutback has been filled with magical moments - the June wedding of our son, David, to the dearest young woman, Jena. We could not ask for a more wonderful daughter-in-law!

The stress and challenges of adjusting to the advancing frailties of both my parents are making for a rough journey. Mom is out of the nursing facility and she along with Dad are back in their home. They let the caregivers go yesterday. We had arranged for someone to be there each day and we cannot make them understand how worrisome this is. I am upset and worn out mentally and don't know where to turn next. Throw in a new puppy who is extremely active and boisterous and the days are far from quiet.

For me - I seem to be experiencing some sort of quilting slump - nothing attempted looks right; my Bernina and I are usually good companions but lately she has been very neglected. And projects await - I love each of them but can't find the motivation to start....and as crazy as it is, keep adding to the pile.

There have been some small completions - very small...this Clamshell Sewing Keep (a Sue Daley pattern) - surprised at how much it actually holds.

Adding long overdue fringe to a winter scarf which I knitted years ago and in the space of a week decided to knit a matching cap - both so cozy and warm during these very cold winter days...enough yarn for some mittens??

Some more hand quilting on my Cherry Tree quilt....

More EPP diamonds for Drayton Hall...

And there might be the reason for my slump...the center square of this quilt calls for Broderie Perse - so frustrating when you think you have the floral fabric that might work - turns out awkward looking and limited as to number of design elements, ripped out twice, 2 attempts at traditional applique, all ripped out and now a 5th version using a different background and a floral...

the clock is ticking because in a few weeks the first installment of Di Ford's 2014 Mystery Quilt arrives in the mail...what am I thinking???!!! Only that quilting brings my soul comfort and joy...

That is where things stand at Taylorsoutback as we head to 35 below zero tonight with wind chill factors set at 55 below. There is food, firewood and fabric enough and the Packers play at frozen Lambeau this afternoon. Tonight we can return to Downton Abbey's new does have its moments...

Thank you dear readers for wading through this long neglected and rambling blog posting...

Wishing each of you a New Year filled with wondrous moments.




  1. You have a lot going on and you still manage to make some lovely things. I hope you can get some help back for your parents which would help you immensely. Wishing you strength and happy times for the year ahead.

  2. Oh Pat, I feel for you, helping aging parents can be a real struggle at times. I hope 2014 brings some clarity and peace of mind for you all. I hope those projects sort themselves out, it can be very frustrating when you can't get into the groove of a project. X

  3. I only have my dad left and he is in very good health. I will try to fly to AZ for a few days in Jan just to surprise him and give him some company. Sounds like your life is ticking along, hang in there on your projects. And stay warm, geez your area is getting smacked with winter.
    Take care

  4. Happy new year to you Pat. Parents do have a mind of their own don't they? :) I'lll stop complaining about our lack of summer after seeing your minus 55 and for someone that is in a quilting slump you sure have managed to achieve a lot...

  5. Aging parents are a difficult thing, aren't they? My 85-year-old MIL is still in a nursing facility from a fall in October, and my 90-year-old Dad still insists on going out and shoveling snow. Arrrrgh!
    Worry and stress make it hard to focus--even on things we love to do.
    I wish you a more peaceful new year! And I hope you have a heat wave soon--like all the way up to freezing. : )

  6. As I read this post, I'm watching the Packers game - it is a good one!

    Taking care of aging parents is a trial that many of us have experienced! So know that my thoughts and prayers are with you - that you can have peace and contentment in this time.

    Love the little clam shell sewing caddy. Sooooo cute!

    Blessings for the new year!

  7. We have the Packers' game on here too!
    So much of what you write echoes in me, Pat. I am so sorry for the worry that you have for your parents. I wish your quilting slump would slide away, as I know how much comfort and pleasure it gives you. It's a good thing that you can look back at '13 and see the magical bits - let's hope that '14 will hold more magic than worry.

  8. Your clamshell Sewing Keep is beautiful! Prayers to you on the watch of your elderly parents.
    Sending you best wishes on a happy & productive January.

  9. Pat...wishing you a good 2014. It's hard when it comes to taking care of our parents. All we can do is hope for the best, be there when we can and say lots of prayers. You'll get your groove back. Just realize we can't do it all. I'll be thinking of you. Love your project, too.

  10. I'm glad you were able to share your thought and feeling with so many friends that read your blog, me included. Wishing you and your family a peaceful and blessed new year with a little sewing for restful moments.

  11. Dearest Pat, Since the Packers lost, you will have to make due with Downton Abbey and your dear puppies and Mr. Outback! I remember these days with parent (lost my father at a young age) well. Will keep thinking positive thoughts and hope that it works out. Sending positive energy from the still 40's 'Burgh! xo Nancy

  12. Sorry to hear about the worries with your parents - not easy as it is a such a complex thing to deal with. Your clamshell purse is wonderful! Seeing it has reminded me that I have the pattern/papers for this - completely forgot. If it turns out as nice as yours I shall be thrilled!

  13. Happy New Year Pat
    I hope you parents get the support they need for there sake and yours, as I'm sure you worry.
    Your sewing kit is so lovely. I'll have to check out the pattern.
    You have lots of pretty projects to work on this winter.

  14. Hi Pat, I feel so bad for all of the mid-west and east coast. My goodness you guys are getting hammered with snow and such drastically cold temperatures. This will be a winter we will all remember, you all for the cold and us in CA for the warmer winter temperatures, even our winters are still so much warmer than most. I will keep track of your stitching projects too. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Carla

  15. that should read 'even our normal winters are warmer than most'

  16. Many of your readers can relate to your frustrations with your parents... know that you are not alone, and that you are doing the very best you can. It's no surprise that the energy you once devoted to quilting is being absorbed by the worrisome times regarding the health and well being of your parents. I hope you can find time and motivation to continue to do what you love... quilting. It's good for your soul, and you need that comfort more than you know.
    The clamshell sewing caddy is so cute and looks roomy!
    I was at the Packer game... cold, yes, but I'd do all over again!
    I'll be catching up the missed episode of Downton this Sunday... so glad they show the previously aired episode before the next one!
    Blessing to all of you... take one day at a time.

  17. Oh Pat, so glad to see you are back. You seem to do so much, maybe this means you're supposed to take a break from quilting. Hand quilting can be so restorative, too.
    Wishing you much inspiration in this new year.

  18. I just LOVE your sewing keep - the colours are gorgeous and the pattern looks wonderful. Lucky you.

  19. Your life has a lot going on now but it is good to see that you are taking time for yourself to do some quilting.


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