Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, February 1, 2014

There is no definition...

....for describing the winter we are locked into now...the bare ground is a distant early November memory. There is no definition in our landscape...snow drifts have formed at the log corners of our house and across the country roads. There is no definition to our gardens - outlines totally obscured under multiple feet of the white blanket. Our 3 shelties are quickly out and back in, preferring a spot by the fire or lying in the occasional beams of sunlight that come into the sunroom.

Comfort foods, hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies define our cravings...and frequent guilty trips to the treadmill...

What defines me personally is usually quilt related, of course.

My first block for the Benjamin Biggs quilt...

And working on the center of the Di Ford Mystery quilt...


This is the first BOM by mail I have ever done - wanted to step away from my own fabric choices to see what could be learned. Our kits from Homestead Hearth were minus the main floral chintz and a red with white circles needed to complete the center. Hope we will receive them for now will hold on the border until everything can be squared up on completion.

Happy first day of February everyone - may this new month bring more gentle days and a hint of Spring. We are in desperate need of the landscape to be redefined...





  1. Ah Pat, I know that sort of winter so well, from our years in Alberta. Spring WILL come, but on the first of February it must seem awfully far away. It's good that you have your quilting as an artistic outlet - the snow is beautiful, but by now you must be craving the colours you work with on your quilts. Here's hoping for a little definition in your landscape before too long!

  2. Dear Pat,

    It is so wonderful seeing one of your blog posts appearing in my newsfeed. It reminds me with a hint of nostalgia of my early days of blogging when I would read your words regularly.

    An undefined landscape describes things beautifully and yet your winter reality is so far-flung from ours. Would you believe we are craving a little snowfall to two and resigning ourselves to the fact it may not happen this year at all. January has been mild with plenty of sunshine and rain. The Loire is set to burst its banks and the vineyards are immersed in water. So perhaps our landscape is undefined too; water instead of snow.

    Enjoy your patchwork and dream of spring in your beautiful créations.

    Warmest wishes,


  3. Sure wish the weather could be distributed properly, huh? The west is in the gripe of a terrible drought and would LOVE some of that wet - sigh! Your BOM is lovely - I looked for that quilt on the Homestead Hearth website but can't seem to find it - can you share? I've never done one of those programs either.

  4. I love snow, but there is a limit! : )
    What lovely starts you have to your two projects. I am always in awe of beautiful applique, and these are two fine examples!

  5. My snowy winter Saturday consisted of sewing on my quilt, and alternating throwing a ball for my two shelties.

    Ahhhh the life!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. What a wonderful beginning. Looks like your time is being nicely distributed.

  7. The weather is so extreme lately, we are at the hot,dry end of the spectrum. I think I like the idea of being snowed in more than sweltering! You have some lovely projects to keep you company though.

  8. I have a picture of "snow" that looks just like yours. I am so ready for Spring!

  9. Oh pat, thank goodness you are a quilter. We are lucky here, just rain, grey skies, and more drizzle or rain. I do love when we get some snow, as we really do need the snowpack over here on the mtns. We are lacking this year. Stay warm!

  10. Your Benjamin Biggs block turned out really stunning! I look forward to following your progress on this AND the Di Ford BOM you are working on!

    We too are expecting more snow tomorrow. It's certainly been a white winter. The kind that motivates one to create for Spring. (grin)

  11. wow look at that snow~
    hope february has kinder weather.
    pretty blocks!


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