Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hexie pincushions..

....they just keep popping up everywhere. A fun workshop was recently presented by one of our Liberty Ladies members - this was the result -

And check out Thimble Stitch (tap name for link) interpretations with additional cross stitching...

Have to love those hexies - and know there are more coming in the Di Ford Mystery quilt (saw a sneak peek in a photo from the Nantes Quilt Show in France)

No hexies here, but completed Block #5 in the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt - really liked doing this block, as a larger piece of the red chintz could be used - this antique-inspired fabric is a favorite of mine, even though it is a tad heavier and thus does not needle turn as smoothly as I would prefer.

Finally back to working on the center wreath for Drayton has been folded up for too long!

Stress level continues on a high note, so keeping hands busy continues too..

Have a good week everyone.




  1. That is a cute hexie pincushion.
    You have hinted before about stress in your life. Sorry it is continuing! I hope the handwork can be therapeutic for you! It all looks beautiful!

  2. Lovely little hexie pincushion, the button is a cute touch. Your appliqué looks wonderful. I really don't know how non-sewers cope in times of stress, my stitching often saves me too. Thinking of you. X

  3. Thinking of you. Hope life smooths out.

  4. Love your hexie pin cushion. So sweet!! Great projects. I hope every stitch finds you feeling better.

  5. That pincushion is darling!
    I love your beautiful Ben Biggs block! I look forward to your reveals each month - they are wonderful!

  6. Darling and useful too. You are always so busy!

  7. Love the hexie pincushion!
    I echo the well wishes for stitching your way through stressful times. Take care.

  8. I hope the stress levels remain in manageable limits. Too much and other things might go wrong.

    These are such pretty little objects, working at them must be just a little therapeutic?

    Take care.


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