Frosty morning on the pond

Frosty morning on the pond

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Olympic preparations...

In less then a week, the Winter Olympics will I enjoy watching the ice skating and ski jumping; the endurance of the biathlon skiers...the craziness of the luge and bobsled participants; the speed of the downhill racer. It makes for some rare decent TV watching (thank goodness for the quality on PBS which is year round). In previous years, the goal for me is to start a new quilting project at the Opening Ceremonies and have it finished by the Closing Ceremonies. Not this 18 in 2018 list features too many older UFO’s - as mentioned before, I have been tackling those dozens of 3 1/2” scrappy houses and have decided they will be done when the Olympic Flame is extinguished.
I also need to decide on the final setting -
Adding little trees and how many...
And which size center house block to use - the 9” or 6”

That project will be my “daytime” sewing as time permits...
In the evening, the warmth of the fire calls to me and then handwork comes out...making progress on my Brimfield Blocks...there are 6 rings completed with one just starting to be appliqued to the background.
And more decisions there - hoping to alternate the birds which are being fussy cut - 4 facing right and 4 facing left with maybe a larger floral element on the other 4 backgrounds.

So the next few weeks will be an Olympic sewing marathon for me - no gold medals expected but hoping to cross the finish line in an upright position...


  1. I love watching any event I can. We don't have cable, so I have to settle for what the major network shows, but I watch every minute that I am home and able to sit, while sewing away. I'll be right there with you on the slopes, or the ice. :)
    I like that your houses have blue sky. Did mine with ecru, but I prefer the blue. Little trees scattered among the houses will be a nice touch.
    Love the birds in the centers of your rings. Very pretty!

  2. How I love those little log cabin blocks! They so simply evoke home, warmth and love, and a peacefulness we so desperately need these days. Good luck with both of these ufo's during the Olympics, can't think of a better way to pass the time during this cold snowy month!

  3. Oh how I like those Brimfield blocks. Good that you have your plans made for stitching while watching the Olympics. I just do whatever is ready for working on at the time when watching television. I look forward to the ice-skating competitions.

  4. Good projects to work on. Enjoy the process and you will have a couple of really lovely finished projects in the end.

  5. 3 1/2”! Your houses are 3 1/2”, oh my, I must have missed that last time. I hope you reach your goal. Brimfield blocks are looking lovely!

  6. I think you deserve a gold medal! Those little house blocks are so sweet. How many have you done? Your Brimfield blocks with the bird centers are lovely :)


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