Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, February 7, 2011

A SUPER Weekend!

Before we talk other stuff, let's just get this taken care of right off the top..a fair and well played game for both teams and a good example of what great football can be.
Front page - Monday morning paper...our local paper...

That is quite a moment - and now we are all starting to breath again here in Wisconsin! Let the celebrations begin...and Mr. Outback had the official Championship cap ordered before the Lombardi trophy made it around the stadium..

Now, where were we - oh addition to being glued to the Super Bowl on TV, I somehow managed to get Block #6 done from Barbara Brackman's weekly Civil War Quilt Blocks.

Like a lot of you who are also doing this series, I found this block to be a bit touchy and ended up with much smaller seam allowances than usual. But, it is done and measures 8 1/2" (8" finished). I also revisited my copy of Mary Chesnut's Diary which Barbara referred to in her blog entry. This is not a book you sit down and read straight least for me, it wasn't years ago...each of the diary entries are little microcosms of her daily life, what was going on around her at home and far away and the steady advance of the affects of being at war in her own backyard.

With our long winters, I tend to go through a number of books - often reading on the treadmill or a few pages as I drift off to sleep at night. This is a little stack of recently completed books..

The Distant Hours by Kate Morgan - a bit of a departure in some respects from her first two novels & took me a while to get into the story. But her attention to detail is so beautiful...and you can finally start putting the clues together...
Huck by  Janet Elder - a sweet & true little tale about a lost dog and how a family & neighborhood pulled together - but could have been told in far fewer pages. Written by one of the editors of the New York Times, I wonder where her editing pencil was??
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand - where to start??? I don't often read "war" accounts and granted this book was so difficult and heartbreaking for a good portion of it - but ultimately, what an uplifting story. All the words I can think of sound so trite,  but if you are looking for what the human spirit is capable of - this is it. A true WWII  Survivor accounting without any whining...Excellent read.
And finally  - a return to one of the classics - Willa Cather's My Antonia...
And as always, back in the sewing room where I am making yards and yards of 1/4" bias tape with my handy Clover bias tape maker....prepping a couple of blocks for Beyond the Cherry Tree...I was having so much fun making the tape, I couldn't stop...
More about that in the next post...that is it for now - have to go unwind a little more and start dinner! No Monday Night Football - what is Mr. Outback supposed to do??? Maybe he can help cut fabric???

Have a SUPER week and...
Always take time to stitch...

Pat - one of a gazillion happy Cheeseheads!!


  1. Still on a high here? How long will it take to come down Lol! My die hard Raiders son this a.m. told me he was happy one of us had a superbowl win! hahahaha.

    Love the block. Havent done this series myself but have seen a few blocks on other blogs. Love the color combo you chose.

    That is some pretty heavy reading you have been doing. Have you ever heard of Frugal Girls? I have been getting their emails and they give out free amazon book coupons a couple of times a week. Have been loading up my kindle for the next road trip but havent started reading yet. :0)

  2. Being born and raised in WI, I will always be a Packer's fan! It was a great game.

  3. I just wish we had had a touchdown more of good football! Enjoy it TO and Mr. Outback! We'll get number seven some year!

  4. The game was on up here too, and the half time show was watched and re-watched by the younger crowd.
    I can't believe the yards of tape you're making!

  5. Yeah Packers!! I was doing my embroidery and listening to the game and when the crowd went wild I would look at the replay. I came alive for the last quarter and finally DWH said to me, "I take it you are routing for the Packers?" I said, "Yes, my friend Pat who made my beautiful Batik needle case wants them to win so I thought I would help her out." He just laughed. Well, it must have worked!!!

    I could not believe someone forgot the words to the National Anthem - I was appalled at that. I also could not believe that I actually looked forward to and watched "that" half-time show - what a waste of my time. Guess I was either waiting for it to get better or dumb struck!!! I could have been sewing. Some (?) of the commercials were amusing - those Clydesdale's never disappoint.

    BTW - Love your block and vines. Judy C

  6. Great block! I watched the SB while blogging...I yelled at the right times I think - ha!

  7. I love the Barbara Brackman block - your colors are so perfect!

    And regarding the Packers (Yeah, Pack!) my husband said - 'Now I have nothing to look forward to' - poor guy - he should take up quilting!


  8. Your block turned out great. I've completed it as well and posted all I've done so far on my blog: textile
    I just squared them all off to 8 1/2 and some where just a bit bigger than others. But I'm hand piecing and I don't mark seam allowances - I just 'eyeball' it!


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