Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guilty pleasures...fabric & books

Up here at the edge of the Northwoods, we are enjoying 80 degree days and full sunshine...very different from a typical October. Needless to say, everyone is out savoring these last days of summer-like weather. We are wise - we know what lies ahead...we cannot be fooled into thinking it will linger much longer. All too soon, the days will turn brisk and nightfall will bring below freezing waves of air. We will draw close to the fire, add more layers of warmth to the fading tans of our bodies and look intently at the pantry for comfort foods - soups, stews and hearty casseroles.

Being seriously into quilting, my other pantry - the fabric stash - is receiving close inspection. I feel like a squirrel chasing around gathering acorns to hide away for winter consumption. So, confession time...I have been on a little binge of fabric buying...yardage & fat quarters have begun piling up on the cutting table. This has been going on for a few months...
From a couple of favorite vendors at our recent quilt show...

And more fat quarters purchased while on another fun bus trip with our Liberty Ladies group. (Well - more like a 3 car caravan due to our regular bus being attacked by a falling tree during last weeks wind storm - how could that tree single out our favorite mode of transportation?) 

Oh, how could someone resist these at $25.00 for 25....
Or these...can you tell a few have all ready been put to use?

My naughtiness continues with this growing stack of books...

What? You say...Only one book related to sewing? Not to fear...on order from the Pickledish Store - an older book that is on sale...hope it arrives soon...There is a certain vintage quilt pattern that has caught my eye...more about that down the road...
I have managed to finish another BTCT applique block in between 
buying sprees....


Hmmm...just had a scary thought...what if Mr. Outback decides to check out this latest posting? Should I gently remind him of all the lead shot, hulls & primers purchased for winter reloading in the man, I would never do that....but just in case, I should make his favorite carrot cake...
Guilty pleasures?  No Quilty ward off the approaching winter...



  1. ooohh lots of fabric eye candy - just sensible really stocking up for the winter....

  2. Too cute, Pat! You have been naughty, but you'll be glad in the depths of winter when you'll have lots of bright colour to choose from.

  3. In a sense we are like squirrels - gathering the food that nourishes our soul for the long winter months. I would say you got quite a lot of very nice goodies and bargains. Bet your DWH is like mine and won't say anything for fear they would have to justify their treasures. LoL Still not up to par but return to doctor tomorrow to get another opinion. Enjoy your Indian Summer. Judy C

  4. I love your naughtiness! Bring on winter so that you can be sitting smuggly with plenty of wonderful things to do and tell yourself 'yes, I was right.'

    Greetings from France

  5. What a wonderful stash you have built up! You can never have too much fabric - just tell your husband it is being thrifty to make your own stuff - mine seems to believe it!

    Pomona x

  6. Mom #2 - This blog post made me giggle! I loved it, and it made me feel better too. :) I love the colors of your fabric and I'm sure you will find plenty of neat projects to work on this upcoming winter! I sometimes wish I had your talent and the time to do a project with you. I think that'd be fun! Maybe someday that will happen. :) Dave says, "Oh greaaaat!.." lol. Carrot Cake ... I could use a piece! So scrumptious! Especially at this time of the year.... :) Love and miss you!!

  7. Can you please tell me the gorgeous pear fabric that is in the 25 for $25, Whose fabric line is it. Just so love it :-)

  8. Wow. Love your stash. I have some gorgeous FQ's on my cutting board, too, but it's too nice now to think about sewing.

    Jenny matlock

  9. I love the fabric colors. They will make a wonderful quilt.

  10. Your block is beautiful.
    Oh,you bought some really great fabrics. Nothing like being prepared for winter, right? lol

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