Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Divide and Conquer...

"If you aren't killing aren't really stretching yourself as a gardener..."

One of my favorite fun quotes which is on a magnet in my potting makes me laugh every time I read it.

Well...this gardener really stretched herself this weekend. There is a small area next to the south side of our deck that was so overgrown...

 ...daylilies and siberian iris plants that showed more leaves than flowers in recent seasons.  Crab grass & wild raspberry vines which had intruded from an unknown source and 3 different clematis vines that really were not creating a visual delight...Add in some misplaced iris bulbs and you have a jumbled mess. 

So out came the shovel, pitch fork for dividing, pruners and other miscellaneous tools...let the killing digging commence!!

At the end of the morning, a couple of small divisions were saved and the rest of the area looked like this...
 A basically empty canvas, uh? Off to the greenhouse soon to add some old fashioned color! (Oh, and those other castoff divisions - not gone to waste - they have a new home at the edge of our south field and can spread as much as they want.)

And in the sewing room - yikes! - another has been way too many weeks since new 3" houses have been built...other things have popped up and then trying to sort through this bin of scraps was dragging me down...

This afternoon was rainy - a good day to sort and I didn't need a pitchfork for dividing up everything...
 A little better, don't you think? 

Maybe this will help to get me back on track - have to go find some empty bins now to keep everything separate...

Back later - and have a good week conquering your own tasks!


  1. looks like a job well done in the garden and in the sewing room - want to tidy my fabrics next?

  2. I love your opening quote! so funny. Your little patch looks great and when you add color even better.
    I joke that I like invasive plants - spreading is good in my book, I know how to pull out when it's too big.

  3. Good job Pat - don't know about you, but I really do dislike plants that take over and are invasive - out they go so I can put in a beauty or two that just want to stand out on their own. The scraps - well, they will work themselves into piles. Constructive work - Judy C

  4. I missed dividing my hostas again this year. The past couple of years I've shared with neighbors so they are already big and touching each other. I mix in some coleus and in the fall it looks great.

  5. I love your before and after pictures. Looks a lot like the lilies on the west side of our house. Doesn't it feel good to get outside and accomplish something when the weather co-operates? I admire your ambition.

  6. WOW, that would never go at this house. Although the Herbal Husband got tired of moving the garlic chives to the back of the garden! Progress! Looking good! So exciting to have chances to buy new plants!

  7. My goodness - you earned a TON of good housekeeping karma with all that gardening and sorting. You'll be able to coast for a good long while!

  8. Well, you got a lot accomplished in and out. Well done!

  9. That's the kind of gardening I like best. Creating beauty out of chaos. Show us what the newly planted bed looks like, won't you.

  10. I love that quote... Definitely made me smile...

    And, WOW! You did a lot of hard work...

    I always enjoy stopping by your blog!

  11. Ahhh, you heartless woman. Laying waste to the great tangle of mingled greenery.

    What a gardener!




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