Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Traveling the back roads...

When given the choice, my little car is happiest on a quiet country road...not for me the faster, often smoother 4 lane highway...
On my drive earlier in the week for an appointment - this was the route I chose...

What's the hurry most of the time? I can define myself as "retired" or otherwise, not "gainfully employed." It got me to thinking that at this point in my life, a quiet country road approach is often the best way to go in most things...with growing demands in regards to my aging parents and the daily chores and tasks with the upkeep of our home and acreage, I have come to the realization that some things will just not happen or if so, not as quickly as originally anticipated. This can certainly relate to my quilting...for the most part, gone are the days when I could whip up something quick in a few days or a weekend...and furthermore, why would I want to? The world won't stop turning if I come empty handed to a guild meeting or not have an entry to a quilt show. Most of the projects in my sewing room that are in the works or in the planning stage are long term and only a couple have a deadline, as such. There is enough tension and worry in this crazy place called Earth - so why do I want to put more on myself with unrealistic goals. For now, it will be life in the slow lane, ticking off tasks on my long list of things to do - feeling positive about the 1 or 2 things accomplished each day rather than dwelling on the other 4 that didn't...
That will include this blog - not being sure of where it is headed or if it even has any direction anymore - if I don't post an entry each week, there will be no fretting on my part and the world will keep on moving forward.

For now, I hope you will check back from time to time to see what is happening at Taylorsoutback...and perhaps try taking a quiet back road yourself...I know we will meet along the way...

Have a good weekend and take time to look up at the Autumn skies and colors - savor the taste of a fresh apple and enjoy the fragrance of woodsmoke as it drifts up from the chimney...



  1. Back roads for me too! Nice to see you traveling along enjoying the changing colors . . . Much less pressure isn't there?

  2. We can both hunker down and watch football and maybe get some stitching done! I always have movie dates as well. Enjoy the back roads and I will look forward to hearing about your adventures when you feel like sharing. xxoo Nancy

  3. Always preferred the back roads - we call them the gray roads on the map. Definitely re-evaluated the need for a lot of things in my life lately - and understand so completely what you say. While I have not been able most days to concentrate to blog, found out I really do not miss it. Quilting is another area I am re-defining for myself - probably will not join anything this year - just let it evolve. Judy C says take care of yourself and evolve with the rest of us.

  4. Definitely calming down here too. There is simply no point killing oneself to meet the expectations of others' or worse, those one has lumbered oneself with.

    So, a bit of autumn meditation is quite in order.

    let's do what we can and, more importantly, enjoy. It'll make no odds in the long run, anyway.

  5. Well dear, I LOVE LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE! So we're soul sisters.

    Loved this. Sending a big hug,


  6. Sounds just like my life...good advice...well said. It never hurts to be gentle with ourselves and our expectations! Thanks for the reality check.


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