Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Friday, July 19, 2013

Want a little peek???

It isn't too often that I get the opportunity to make baby quilts - with 2 nieces expecting their 2nd babies within a month of each other later this year...when I spotted this fabric group at Hancock's- Paducah - well - it seems like a perfect fit for little ones who will be close cousins. One will grow up in Brooklyn where Mom, Dad and big sister own The Brooklyn Kitchen and the other little one will be raised in Florida along with a big sister and parents who focus on healthy, organic foods.

McGregor's Market from Quilting Treasures - an easy to put together free downloadable pattern online at Hancock's or direct from

How many of you grew up reading Peter Rabbit stories? Remember how he used to get into mischief in Mr. McGregor's garden patch...his siblings, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail and drinking camomile tea to settle the tummy...

I love the little printed panels - they have a vintage appeal to them straight from the earlier books.

But first things first...working on Aunt Reen's first mystery quilt from May (yes - I know its late July...) This will end up going to a nephew and his wife as an overdue wedding gift.

Squaring up the HST's is made easier using my revolving cutting mat!

I get scared knowing how far behind I am in everything...

The summer afternoons have been way too warm and humid for this heat sensitive quilter, and the cool a/c air of the house brings a welcomed relief. Being in the sewing room is a good place to be for now.

Thank you for your good wishes for our little Molly...she is moving around so much better but concern remains high for the cause of her elevated liver panel numbers. More tests being done and continued meds while we keep a close eye on her. It has been a busy 2 weeks at Taylorsoutback in addition to some medical procedures for Mr. Outback, one of which involves 27 stitches to the cheek area for skin cancer. We go through a lot of sun screen around here! The medical staff said I could remove the stitches next week but my close up vision is not the best and when I mentioned the use of a seam ripper, Mr. Outback grew somewhat we will let a professional handle that!

Back to some piecing on that wedding quilt while Mr. McGregor's garden fabric is in the dryer...times 'awastin'

Have a good weekend and thank you for dropping by to visit at Taylorsoutback....





  1. Oh I love those baby quilt fabrics! They will make fabulous quilts for the little cousins. Inside this afternoon as it's fast approaching 90 and the sun and I don't get along as well as we used to. Happy quilting!

  2. lovely fabric Pat, they will be gorgeous quilts, you could bottle some of that heat and send it here, still cold and wet I'm afraid..

  3. I wish the best for both you and Mr. Outback. I love your baby quilts and the thought you've put into them.

  4. Baby quilts give such a good, quick fix of quilting. They will be lovely. Hope Molly and Mr Outback are both better soon.

  5. Lucky babies to be given quilts from you. I love the bright colours! I hope Mr Outback is feeling better!

  6. The baby quilt fabric is so cute! What fun fabric to work on too.

    Wishing both Molly and your hubby a speedy recovery.

  7. Darling baby quilt fabrics and how perfect for the family lifestyles!

    Best wishes for Mr Outback and Molly!

  8. What sweet fabric and a fun project. Yes, all the projects begging for my time can be a fright! Isn't it wonderful, though to have those small projects for new babies to immerse ourselves in? I love the Nancy Drew panels, too!

  9. I enjoy your blog! Wish I could get it in my email or through Bloglovin' Beautiful photography and quilts.

  10. I can sympathize with Mr. Outback - sounds like what I went through a few years ago.
    The baby quilt fabric is adorable - I'm sure the quilts will be so cute when finished.
    Summer is going way too fast! Hope we can get together at least once more before it's over.


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