Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, August 24, 2015

Wrapping up memories...

...since last December, many of my days have been spent sorting through 72 years of memories at my parents house...the last box, drawer, closet and cubbyhole has been cleared and prepped for the Estate Sale which will take place later this Fall. The keys have been turned over to the ladies who will set up everything. My job is finished.

But, oh the memories...

...wrapping my Mom's Lenox china for my brother got me thinking about the beautiful holiday tables she used to set - always so enjoyable for her. Silver serving pieces and delicate Lily of the Valley forks, knives and spoons...candles lit...linen tablecloth and napkins...such happy times that will be long remembered. It is difficult not to dwell on the reality that those times are no more and to feel so very lonely...

As the summer winds down and a few extra hours have returned to my days, our own house can get some attention - it has been neglected...a family tree quilt made in 2008 as a gift for Mom & Dad has found a new spot folded on my Great Grandfather's rocking chair from West Virginia. Finally had time to add a new medallion to the tree with the addition of our dear daughter-in-law.

The great room is getting an update too - new area rugs, a sofa on order and valances to be made. Attention turns to pumpkins and mums and falling leaves and soon the arrival of our David and Jena for a much anticipated visit.

While there are still some warm days ahead, even now, evenings have become cooler and the gardens are in transition. Tomatoes have their first blush - it is always a race against those first frosty nights in September. Canned a few pepperoncini.....and made up some refrigerator pickles - our English cucumbers are really producing!

and waiting for an order of Concord grapes to arrive...grape jelly to be made. always, of life's best stress relievers...

Caught up with the Benjamin Biggs Wedding quilt being offered by Gay Bomers and Brenda Papadakis...June , July and August - done!

That's it from Taylorsoutback for now - have been a bad blogger - this one posting in August is putting a question mark on calling this a blog, even. Hoping to do a little better in the months ahead - but life can sure interfere with good intentions...have a good week everyone and a huge thank you for stopping by to visit...










  1. A tender time to see the remnants of someone's life (especially someone dear to you) boxed up, and sold. But those memories of good times are yours to cherish always.
    Looks like you have some very special pieces of history from your family.
    You've been so busy, I am impressed that you have those BB blocks finished. They look beautiful.
    Life happens, blogs wait their turn! : )

  2. Pat, I am sure you are looking forward to some more free time for yourself. I can understand that feeling. I, too, will be doing some canning this weekend. My daughters, daughter-in-law and I will be putting up tomatoes. I dread the thought of how many bushels we will have to do just to make ALL of us happy. will be a fun time together. I am plugging away at my UFOs still. Will be blogging soon about one that I just completed, but (as you know) life is busy, so that report may have to wait a day or two. Can't believe we are talking Fall already. Enjoy your cooler days and your upcoming family visit.

  3. What a labour of love and memory all that packing up must have been for you. I have also found that life has proven too much for my blog. I guess we can only what we can do - and hope that life will once again make room for such pleasures..

  4. Lovely to hear from you Pat. Happy and sad times for you, but the memories sound wonderful, and you'll always have them. No bad blogging, just busy living. X

  5. While there's sadness is knowing that those special times have come to an end, you'll have the memories to cherish forever. Sometimes life has a way of interrupting our best-laid plans ... the best we can do is ride it out until life returns to something closely resembling normalcy. Hang in there ... and we'll be here when that day comes for you. ;-)

  6. Reflect on those moments and know you are making new memories for your family.

  7. No grape jelly for me! Enjoy making your jelly! I'm busy with raspberries! Seems like there is never enough time for anything these days! Thinking of you! xo

  8. No grape jelly for me! Enjoy making your jelly! I'm busy with raspberries! Seems like there is never enough time for anything these days! Thinking of you! xo

  9. Bittersweet to be finished with all the sorting and packing of your parents home.
    I wish the best outcome with the Estate sale.
    The memories are really the greatest treasure we take away!

    So nice to see you are finding time for canning and of course quilting.
    I so love your Ben Biggs blocks and look forward to seeing them after each finish.
    Hoping the Summer will linger a few more weeks for you to enjoy!

  10. Such a sad time and full of memories. My sister and I had to go through our Mom's things about 3 1/2 years ago. So starts a new season in your life. I love your family tree quilt. Your BB blocks are just beautiful. I am glad you have had some time to sew.

  11. Such a sad but beautiful, heartrending post at the same time.


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