Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A day in Halibut Cove...

...we love our shelties, Kelsie and Seana (and missing little Molly) and when we travel, they go with us. On occasion, either Mr. Outback or myself must stay with them while the one of us goes off to participate in another activity..recently, Mr. Outback went out on 2 fishing charters with a friend. I stayed behind with the girls and caught up on laundry, sprucing up the rv, etc. Not complaining at all though, as the catch of halibut will taste fabulous when we return home. The opportunity to share something together (knowing the girls would be ok on their own for a few hours) came when we made reservations on the Danny J out of the Homer Spit harbor...
The day was gorgeous with blue skies and sunshine...a light jacket was all we needed...Halibut Cove is across Kachemak Bay (Yupik word for "large cliff by the water" and have also heard that it makes reference to "smokey" because clouds and smoke tend to collect in the area - there was a far off layer of smoke from the fires that burned up by the Turnagain Arm that week). It took about an hour to reach the cove as we leisurely watched for sea otters and whales that were swimming nearby. 

A slice of paradise was revealed as we approached...
This is a small community which was a fishing village many years ago. After some hard times, the area became revitalized and attracted artists and the expansion of a couple of lodges to provide overnight stays. Along with an art gallery, there is The Saltry restaurant...
There are no cars and the only way around is by ATV, skiff or on foot walking along the lengthy boardwalks that cling to the sides of the rocks. 

There are about 100 summertime residents and perhaps 20 hardy year round folks. The pace of this remote village is stress reducing - quiet, with only the sounds of the water, an occasional float plane or boat. We walked and walked and stopped to take it all in - it was so relaxing. With all the troubles in our world, Halibut Cove would be my choice of escape...

(and thanks to Mr. Outback for making this post possible - not only as Blogsy given up on my iPad, but the speed of his laptop really helps!)


  1. It was relaxing just to read your post, so I can imagine what being there must be like!

  2. What lovely scenery - just like being there! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's like a slice of heaven when you find yourself in such a tranquil spot. Don't you wish everyone could just take a deep breath, a step back, and enjoy the moments. You've been having a wonderful vacation. Hope you have more days like this to enjoy before heading home.

  4. So peaceful and beautiful!. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.


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