Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Trunk show with Dawn! Part 1

After a really good day of shopping with my Mom on Friday, who resides in the nursing home, the weekend held some anxious moments as she experienced some breathing problems...but things seem somewhat more settled as of now... so I have some time to share the very special visit our guild had with Dawn Ronnigen, Collector With A Needle. Dawn has a lovely blog and, along with her daughter, publishes many of the patterns for her vintage quilts. The patterns are wonderfully packaged with a full color print showing the original quilt.

Dawn arrived, suitcases filled, with quilted treasures - she brought some of her antique quilts from a collection of 300.

A modern version using Kaffe Fassett fabrics..

And also with wool on a great plaid background...

Ferns and of my favorites & yes I now have the pattern!

Catherine's Garden in golden yellow

And Dawn's stunning hand quilted interpretation in white...

Harrison Rose

Stay tuned for Part 2 - more photos and also what we did at Dawn's workshop the following day.

Happy stitching everyone! Oh that each day could be twice as long to do all the quilts in our hearts....


(With Dawn's permission, photos were allowed and used in this blog post)



  1. Dawn is a phenomenal quilt historian. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to enjoy her lecture. I'm with you , I sure wish my days were twice as long to enjoy my quilting addiction.

  2. Dawn has such beautiful quilts. I don't applique, so I just admire from afar.
    Now that wool on plaid is something I could tackle.
    What a treat to have Dawn come share with you. I look forward to the rest of the photos!

  3. What a wonderful opportunity to see both the original quilts and Dawn's lovely interpretations. The quilts are gorgeous, even more so when seen in person I'm sure.

  4. How wonderful to have Dawn provide a Lecture to your Guild!
    Her quilts are stunning and her patterns for these are beautiful.
    Dawn's knowledge of Early Quilts is impressive and equally fascinating.
    (I too love her Ferns & Berries pattern)
    I agree with you - if only there were more time in each day to complete all the beautiful quilts we love.

    I hope your Mom is feeling better!

  5. Am I correct in thinking your are in your early 70's? That would make your mom be in very good shape for her age! Remarkable. I hope she is feeling recuperated from her outing with you...........Lucky you to see Dawn and her quilts and to be able to mingle with history with collection. Thanks for the photos.

  6. I would love to meet Dawn and attend one of her talks. I'm working on my third block for Radical Rose and reel - pattern by Dawn and her daughter. To see the original with all its gorgeous quilting would be incredible! Fern and Berries looks like a wonderful applique project too. Yes there should be more time!!

  7. Wow....what a treat! Those are some beautiful quilts. Now I can see why you like Ferns and Berries. You are so good at doing berries! Right? What's a few more hundred. ;D Thank you for sharing. Can't' wait to see your second post on this gal.

  8. By the way....I LOVE your new header!

  9. I didn't realize that Dawn had 300 quilts! Wonder how she stores so many.

    I recognize the wool one done on plaid.....I made that one for her.

  10. Lucky you. I follow Dawn's blog, her quilts are stunning. Wonderful for you to see them in person. Hope your mum is doing ok.

  11. Thank you for sharing these beautiful quilts! I love your new photo in the header--so inviting!

  12. Thank you very much. It was my pleasure to be a guest at your guild.
    A very talented and enthusiastic group.

  13. Thanks for the pictures. She has some great quilts!

  14. Gracias por compartir estas bonitas fotos,


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