Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, January 7, 2017

New plan...

Many of you are posting about new directions, new goals, new inspiration. So guess I am jumping in too...
Had a meltdown on December 31st ....

while trying to straighten up the sewing room...many, many projects - close to being finished, half way, started or dreaming of. Out of control for years....
Between 2 of my favorite blogs that I follow...Mimi's Passions and Timeless Reflections, there are 2 suggestions to bring my chaos under control. Start u or donating some quilts from the pile (s) and create a realistic list of prioritizing some finishes in 2017.u

Okay - starting on the storage closets next...and now have my list done (could have had 2 pages!)

Wish me luck!! I am going to need it.
We are deep into Winter here in the northwoods...with a high of -2 below during the day and at night a chilly -13 below, snow piles up and the ground will most likely be covered through March or early April.
At the end of each day, I crawl eagerly into bed welcoming the warmth of our Cherry Tree quilt with its wool batting. There is a delicious stack of books to anticipate - working my way through the first 6 books of Winston Graham's 12 volume Poldark series - are you a fan of the PBS episodes? And now we have Victoria to look forward to on January 15th. My sweet DIL gifted me with Daisy Goodwin's novel. Life is full of stresses these days and reading offers a respite.

For now, while the sunshines into my sewing room, I will get reacquainted with making 365 little houses (2012 - Building Houses From Scraps # 7 on the list - 43 done) a day - doable!

Happy stitching everyone.



  1. Sounds like you have a plan in place. I wish you well.
    I like Kyle's list format, but it is way beyond wishful thinking for me to fill out a list that long. I am trying to get some of my larger quilts done this year and that will greatly reduce my finishes.
    Oh, we are having similar temps, though a little colder at night. Isn't it painful to be outside very long?

  2. LOL...I am so glad I could inspire you. I think of what my kids will think someday when they have to go through my "stuff" and it makes me want to get more and more of the quilting projects finished. I don't like thinking of them saying "what was she thinking?' least not too many times. I have been working on my UFO list for some time now. It always seems like two steps forward and one back, but at least I am making some kind of headway. Enjoy your 2017 and each project that you pick up to work on. Your quilting always inspires me.

  3. You have some amazing quilt projects on your list Pat.
    Also, I LOVE your new blog Header!
    Those 365 tiny houses are darling.
    I wish you great success on your "to finish" list for 2017.
    May your journey be a joyful one as you finish up your beautiful quilts!

  4. I'm so glad you have joined in with Meredithe's plan. Step by step is doable. I bet we'll all be surprised at the end of the year how much we have progressed.

  5. Hi dear Pat, Just responded to your e-mail and you are WAY AHEAD OF moi! Good for you! Need to start working on my plan! xo

  6. Good luck delving into your 2017 projects! I love that you've already made 43 house blocks and have decided to start making them again. I'm a Daisy Goodwin fan, too!

  7. The fabric on your cutting table looks so inviting!


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