Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Friday, November 17, 2017

Di Ford Hall Workshop...Part 2 long with photos

Okay...I have taken a deep breath and will continue on with our Shipshewana adventure on Friday, November 10th. (Thanks to our son, he has hooked me up to the Mac mini and preparing a new blog post seems to be much smoother than dealing with the Blogo malfunctions with iPad Pro)

This composite just shows Di playing with a few of the students fabrics - pointing out possible combinations for the bird and leafy ring in the center medallion...

Her enthusiasm was so contagious! She also had some examples of EPP - isn't it fascinating to see how fabric can be manipulated when making diamonds, pentagons and hexies. We all fell in love with her start to the Brimfield Block project - this is a new pattern offered through Paper Pieces and is based on a vintage quilt that was found by 2 ladies at the annual Brimfield Antiques event in Massachusetts. (pattern by Kim Martucci and Nisha Bouri) Mr. Outback has ordered this pattern for me as a Christmas present...I, of course, will be very surprised on Christmas morning!!

After our workshop concluded, we attended a delicious dinner at the Blue Gate Restaurant hosted by Lolly's Fabrics of Shipshewana...home style chicken dinner with assorted pies for dessert...oh my!

We were then treated to a trunk show presented by Di - many of her quilts from her latest book - Primarily Patchwork 2...from where I was sitting, it was difficult to get photos but you can well imagine how stunning they were to be viewed up close...

Then off to Lolly's for a private shopping still my heart...the bolts of fabric were overwhelming...I ended up moving my clothing to the tote bag and transferring all the fabrics to my rolling much more sensible!

This is a growing collection of Di’s other purchases...more about that in the future!

Books were Di...

And by Brenda Papadakapis in my Dear Jane book...Brenda was in our Friday class and it was so nice to meet her...such a special lady!

A treasured photo was taken - I think I look like a deer caught in the headlights...I was so awestruck!

Saturday was exploring Shipshewana - back to Lolly's because we just needed more fabric! Yoder's Department - a remarkable carry's everything kind of store, watching the many Amish horse drawn buggies as they went about their errands...I thought seeing them lined up next to the gas pumps was interesting!

Saturday night was Show and Tell and I waited nervously to share my Drayton Hall with everyone - being in such heady company...

Sunday morning we headed home to Wisconsin in a wintery mix but made it home safe and sound filled with so much inspiration and memories...
Yesterday, Mr. Outback had a brand new shoulder replacement and I got my leaves basted for the center medallion while sitting in the surgical waiting area...

So that is it for now from Taylorsoutback...staying put this weekend and being close by to help my husband as he recuperates and just maybe get in a little stitching...



  1. What a fabulous time you had with Di Ford. The quilts you create with those fabrics will bring back wonderful memories every time you work with them. Best wishes to your hubby as he recuperates.

  2. You could have left the clothes there. You can always buy more close. You can't always run to Lolly's when you want. ;D

  3. Such a fun post!
    Loved that you moved your clothing to your tote to make more room for fabric. :)
    No reason to be nervous showing off that gorgeous quilt. I'll bet they loved it!
    Hope the Mister has a smooth recovery--and you get some stitching in on the side!

  4. Great new fabrics to get you stitching Di's wonderful designs. I'm glad you showed Drayton Hall. I bet Di loved it. What a remarkable experience. Wish I'd known where she was teaching in the states I might have tried to come, Hope your hubby mends quickly.

  5. I very much enjoyed the 2nd part of your post about the Shipshewana event! I can so much imagine how this has been for you. And I love to see your very first stitches on this beautiful quilt!
    Your Drayton Hall is breath-taking!

  6. That suitcase of fabric looks mighty good to me! I recognize some of it as already being in my stash.

  7. Hi Pat! Just spent a lovely half hour with a cup of tea getting caught up on your blog. Beautiful quilts as well as words. I thought about posting for Thanksgiving, (we have so much to be grateful for) and I still may, although reading your blog is so delightful. Still quilting, knitting some socks as well as baking bread takes up my hours. Wishing you many blessings on your Thanksgiving!

  8. Oh my, I think you were in 'quilter's heaven'! What an experience to spend time with Di Ford. Love your fabrics and the start of your center medallion. Drayton Hall looks pretty fantastic, too :)

  9. What a great trip you had! Of course you need more fabric, roller bags are perfect for transporting lots of heavy fabrics. I think you should be very proud to show your amazing Quilt top - it is stunning. So fun take make these special memories.
    Tell Mr. Outback to heal quickly and feel better soon.

  10. I loved your workshop posts. But what made me have to comment is where you said you moved your clothes to the tote bag to free up your suitcase for the fabric. That made me laugh out loud. I went to a retreat in Wisconsin several years ago and wound up buying another suitcase from TJ Maxx just to transport all my new fabric purchases home. It was on sale and cheaper than the shipping.


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