Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, May 7, 2018

Quilt tops...In review...

All of a sudden, completed quilt tops have piled up and it is decision time...none of them are doing any good just folded and staring at me saying...what’s next?
Starting with the somewhat dubious effort at creating a “shabby chic” look a while back...should have gone with more contrast (and who knew the light blue polka dot was prone to fading early on.) I have such a fond spot in my heart for this special Canadian themed fabric which came out the year the Olympics were in Vancouver, BC.

Decision #1 - needing a good pressing and will use a medium weight fluffy bat and finish it off by tying with the soft off white yarn. A perfect little quilt for a cool summer night here in Wisconsin.
Then those 3 1/2” scrappy houses...finally, our new deck project will begin and hopefully by June, I can sit outside with a trash can and remove all the papers from the back...I can then layer this top with Warm & Natural and do some simple machine quilting.

Decision #2 - Oh, what to use for backing? Into the quilting cave I went and pulled out yet another little appliqued quilt top from the 1990’s - adding some vintage plaids or whatever I can find to make it the right size backing and call it done...a big house to back up the little ones...

The huge flannel quilt for Dave and Jena - scheduled with a long arm quilter nearby who will do this one and have it ready for Fall...

Decision #3 - saving up my pennies!
Puppies...our house has always had puppies...since 1966. This recently completed quilt top represents the 6 shelties that have ruled the roost and our hearts over the years. Puppies and newspapers and green grass just go together! Off to the long arm quilter it will go.
Pieced backing from leftovers and a colorful batik binding...will finish if off with tiny silver bone charms and button eyes...

Decision #4 - saving up more pennies!
Finally, the Brimfield Block quilt which now has a border (thanks to everyone who provided feedback!)

Decision #5 - have missed handquilting so will layer and baste and go for it.
Think I have covered all the possibilities on finishing a quilt top...feeling more organized and not so guilty knowing that pile was staring at me and saying...what next? That’s my plan...I need a bigger ironing board!
What’s next on your agenda???


  1. What a lot of decisions and what a lot of work! I like the mental picture of you out on the deck with a quilt and a garbage can.....not the traditional imagined picture of a quilter at work, but a dose of reality is always a good thing!

  2. I don't feel so bad. Can't wait to see these all come to completion and then to see what's next.

  3. I like the log cabin piece. Am I right in thinking you are adding around it and making it the backing for the big house quilt? It will be a two sided quilt if so.

  4. Sometimes coming up with a plan and getting the wheels in motion isn't easy, but it looks like you have jumped that hurdle. Your lovely quilts are almost finished.

  5. Beautiful tops!
    Decisions, Decisions. Of the fun sort.
    Looking forward to what you come up with.

  6. Flimsy's pile up-that is my problem also. It was so nice to see all your work listed out so nicely on your post. My favorite was the sheltie quilt. I love the colors and the black and white background. They are all so nice.

  7. I'm still working on my UFO lists for 2017 & 2018 :) You have so many wonderful projects. Love the idea of a larger house on the back of the little house quilt. Your sheltie quilt is so sweet and Brimfield looks great with the border. You really captured the "shabby chic" look and the flannel quilt is going to be so warm and snuggly!

  8. Love that shabby one :) All of them actually but I remember the shabby-chic fervor and still love it :)

    Sometimes I think that I should just stop everything and only finish the hand quilting project that I have going on and methodically move through the next top etc.

    But...that only lasts so long and I always want to work on other things as well! :)

  9. You have lovely quilts. I have to say it was hard on my eyes trying to read the writing you use.

  10. So many wonderful quilts! I do love the feeling of getting things “ organized” and having a plan. I am not very good at sticking with the plan though. Just love the puppy quilt! Puppies and newspapers, perfect!

  11. So many lovely tops, but the one that tears at my heartstrings is that first shabby-chic one. There's a special softness that makes it loveable. It'll no doubt become everyone's favorite.

  12. What next for me? Watching you finish all those quilts! It's good to know someone can do it. ;) I have a shabby chic top in similar low contrast fabrics, too. It's funny how tastes change. Not sure what I'll do with mine.


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