Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, July 30, 2018

It’s about thyme...hmm...time

Here we are at the end of July...the stores are filled with back-to-school stuff, summer clothes are on clearance and in just a few short weeks, Pre-season football begins...I am so not ready to see summer winding down and want at least 6 more months of days in the 70’s and blue skies...Dream on...

We have just eaten the first garden tomato and English and Persian Market cucumbers are providing fresh crunchiness each day. The little herb garden is offering frequent cuttings for drying. I grow English thyme...

And French thyme...a more delicate and finer leafed herb but I use both for cooking not being fussy in the kitchen and also a little patch of lemon thyme.

The microwave in the potting shed comes into use...

And though some may find it tedious, I don’t mind stripping the minute leaves from the stems...the fragrance is gentle. Marjoram is dried in the same manner as well as parsley.

Sages hang from the rafter air drying and I know how wonderful the leaves will taste at Thanksgiving in turkey stuffing.

After a morning outside in the gardens, I have been trying to get in a little sewing time. Distraction comes oh so easy if I discover a new pattern or ruler...such was the case with Midnight At The Pumpkin Patch and learning how to use Deb Tucker’s V Block ruler - a clever all in one tool based on the classic Peaky and Spike...

Lots of cutting...lining up little points...chain stitching units...pressing...squaring up...

But, I am liking the results so far...the first 5” block and nice sharp points...

And all those little units needing pressing? (Excuse the iron) How about watching that 1956 (!) remastered Friendly Persuasion - Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire and a very young (pre-Psycho) Anthony Perkins...if you remember this movie, are you humming “Thee I Love”...

Happy Stitching!



  1. I'm loving that sweet quilt block, so tiny and precise! What could be better than fresh-dried herbs from your own garden. Makes me wish I was a bit more energetic, need to get out and harvest the oregano before it blooms. The one we're faithful about is the dillweed, though we freeze that. Do you freeze any of your herbs?

  2. You do have patience for prepping those tiny thyme leaves. How long do you dry them in the microwave? The star block is crisp and pieced perfectly. Having the right tools and trimming up as you go certainly makes a difference. Your autumn colors remind us the seasons will be changing soon enough.

  3. I think your garden must bring you a lot of peace. That's kind of how I felt looking at your pictures. Glad to see that you are finding time to get in a little quilting, too. Those stars are going to be really pretty.

  4. How lovely to harvest you own herbs. I really like your little garden signs. Interesting ruler, your block sure came out nice. Let’s not talk about the seasons changing! LOL

  5. Your herb garden is so pretty with those little signs :) I have the same question--how long do you dry the herbs in the microwave? Love the way your blocks are turning out with those sharp points. Thanks for mentioning that ruler--I'd forgotten all about it.

  6. You have such a beautiful herb garden! Thyme is also a favorite of mine. Didn't know about microwave preserving the leaves. Thanks for sharing that tip! Great visuals on that V block ruler technique. I look forward to trying that one out in the near future.


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