Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Progress report...and snow...

Am I ready for that 4-letter word...s...n...o...w? Not really, but living where we are, I guess it is to be expected. After a solid week of gloom and heavy rains, our temperatures are starting to fall and an on and off mix of the white stuff has been hanging around all day. Night time lows are headed into the 20’s.
With 7 sets of windows in the sunroom/dining area and quarter rounds that almost reach to the peak in our great room, the days of ladders for Mr. Outback and myself are fading fast.
These hardy young men never complained of the 37 degree day as they took care of the summer dust that was layered on our windows. The company they work for has been doing our out of reach windows for a number of years. They are based in a large Amish community to the west of us and always are so reliable and incredibly polite - how refreshing that is in today’s society! During the summer months, they arrive in their traditional blue work shirts and black pants and always a straw hat on their heads. But today being much colder, they wisely chose stocking caps.

Now that my windows sparkle, I can finish the fall house cleaning...and then feel no guilt at returning to my October goal of getting those Settler Trail blocks ready for the retreat. In the evening hours, I have been tackling these blocks and happy to report, there are only 9 left to piece...Linking up to Patty’s OMG (One Monthly Goal) program has been a real motivator.
From - no matter what your goal is...
“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal; A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan; A plan backed by action, becomes reality “ I am so close to one of my personal goals and hope to reach that too by the end of this month...
Happy stitching everyone and may your own goals be reached.
PS - we took a drive last weekend - this is close by where we live and the colors were so nice.
October, crisp, misty, golden October; when the light is so sweet and heavy...(Angela Carter)


  1. Your tiny nine patches reflect the fall colors. It looks like you'll reach your goal. With those sparkly windows you'll be enjoying the fall vistas.

  2. Congratulations on your amazing progress with your blocks! I hope linking up with Patty's OMG this month for the first time works for me too! Enjoy your retreat, and I hope the snow leaves you for awhile longer, it seems way too early somehow doesn't it?

  3. Oh those containers of blocks in pretty fall colors. Wonderful look.
    I like those windows. I need to get a new window installed but it is a big arched window. Dreading the cost.

  4. The colors in your blocks look like autumn to me! You're making great progress and I can't wait to see the finished project. Looks like fall has arrived near you, too. But snow???

  5. Windows look great and so does the progress on Settler's Trail. What an undertaking! It was 87 degrees here on the island on Tuesday and 40 degrees today. Gotta love it!

  6. Beautiful windows to look out at all that "snow" that will be coming your way. It won't be long and it will be here, too; although we have not hit 20s yet. Your blocks are coming along nicely. They are going to make a beautiful quilt. Funny that you are using Amish men to work on your house.....we will be heading out soon to an Amish community in OH to shop for some of their beautiful handmade furniture. I just love looking at all their handiwork. Have a great weekend.


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