Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Friday, November 30, 2018

Squeaking under the wire...

...I was feeling so smug about meeting my November OMGover at Patty’s Elm Street Quilts, with finishing the redwork/Irish Chain quilt top. So I thought...I have extra time and can rejoin Wendy’s Monthly Mini Challenge which I have been missing out on.
Once again, with lantern in hand, back into the quilting cave...

....found a half way finished “what not”
...can’t remember the why or wherefore or what the reason was for piecing it...
Maybe an orphan block...who knows? Did some quick very basic machine quilting, added the binding and here it is, November 30, 2018...last day of the month but a finish.

I will try to be more organized and creative next time around!
That’s it for now...
Happy stitching everyone...let the Christmas countdown begin!


  1. This is plenty creative, as far as I am concerned. Nice job. I need to hurry and post mine. I am truly cutting it too close!!

  2. It's amazing how those little UFOs seem to keep showing up. Glad you found this one and got it done. Yes, we are at the countdown to Christmas now. I have been working on a post for the past month with just a bunch of finishes. I just need to add one more pic and then I will post for what will probably be all of November's work. Here on out will be prepping for the holidays. Glad you were a success for November. Love everything you work on.

  3. Well, you found a cute little treasure on the quilt cave. Glad you got it done and added another finish for the month.

  4. That is as sweet as can be! I'll update my post to include this little gem!

  5. Oh, what a sweet mini! Amazing what we find in our unfinished project pile--or cave :)


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