Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, December 29, 2018

End of the year nostalgia...

Just a few more days of 2018...a time for reflection and also looking ahead...what will 2019 bring? Hopefully, for each of us, good health and fun adventures and always a little more time spent with fabric and needle...

At Taylorsoutback, thinking of the positive “things” even though, at times, it felt like I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere.

Dealing with a very hot and dry growing season and not having the usual results with tried and true plantings in the raised beds...and then realizing what a plentiful crop of red and yellow onions we have stored for the long winter (have not purchased any onions at the store in over 2 years - enjoying 2 successive seasons of yield)

Successful outings with the RV and returning home without incident or needing repair (unlike previous years!)

Spending time on our new deck...

Never enough time with friends, but treasuring those occasions when we could get together...

Starting a weight loss journey and seeing positive results...

Digging into the “quilting cave” and seeing old UFO’s completed or moving forward...

There were also some “mini” quilts finished and featured each month...yes, I miss some months, but at least have something to show for it!.

So, all in all, when taken as a whole, I feel good by what has been accomplished...and have a sense of renewed enthusiasm.

Before I wrap up this final post for 2018, want to share some information - we attended the December 27th showing of Peter Jackson’s “They Shall Not Grow Old” - 4 years in the making; going through 100’s of World War I movies and photos; restoring them; adding voices and color and creating an incredible glimpse into The Great War and what everyday soldiers endured. I urge everyone to see this when it comes to a theater near you. It is moving; at times humorous; at times, so brutal you want to turn away. In the end, it is one more undeniable message of how useless and wasteful any war own Grandpa, along with his brother, Victor, immigrated from Lithuania prior to the outbreak of the war, became an American citizen and enlisted in the Army and was sent to France. He fought on the Western Front (Company M, 148th Infantry) and was wounded during the battle in Meuse-Argonne. He laid for several days, in great pain, hoping the enemy would not find him, before he was found by the local French and taken to a nearby farmhouse. He was finally picked up and returned to the Field hospital but his leg had to be amputated. (Note: - as often happens with a Post-War government, Grandpa did not received his much deserved Purple Heart until 1955 - 37 years after he had been wounded.)
This is the only photograph I have of Grandpa (1890 - 1975) taken when he was recuperating from his injury. He is on the left, turned away from the camera but smiling. Look at his comrades too...all so young and smiling - even after what they endured. Growing up and visiting Grandma & Grandpa’s farm in Wisconsin, I always remember him as being quiet but quick to smile. I can still hear him talking with Great Uncle Victor in their native language...the memories and stories they must have shared...I wish I had been older and wise enough to understand...

Thank you for visiting my little blog through out the year, for your kind comments and encouragement and for sharing your creativity that energizes me...
Wishing each of you sweet memories and all the very best in the New Year...



  1. You have a lot to show for your year, Pat.
    How precious to have that photo and story of your Grandpa.

  2. Great memories and a memorable year with all your accomplishments. I agree with you in that I wish I had asked so many more questions of my grandparents and parents. Why do we not think of it when they are here? Cheers to you and yours for a Happy New Year, too.

  3. You have accomplished a lot in your quilting year! Your family history and grandfather's experience is so similar to our family history. My maternal grandfather immigrated from Poland as a teenager and also joined the American army in WWI, was sent to France. I'm not sure exactly where he was fighting except that he was in the trenches and was gassed. That experience deteriorated his lungs and I'm sure contributed to his early death when I was eleven. He had just turned 61 years old. I remember many an afternoon and evening around the big kitchen table with grandparents, aunts and uncles, the stories and jokes being shared, often half in Polish, half English, and being able to get the gist if not the full meaning of what was being said. Beautiful memories! Happy New Year!

  4. Lovely post, Pat. I enjoyed reading about your accomplishments and the story of your grandfather's service and sacrifice. Wishing you a wonderful 2019!

  5. My you have accomplished so much this year! I wish you a very Happy New Year with lots of quilting time! I am continuing the monthly minis and you can jump in whenever you like!!

  6. From Kyle -
    What beautiful memories you have of your grandfather. It's s delightful photo. Family memories become more special as we grow older ourselves. I wish I had paid more attention as well. Your accomplishments this year are notable and, of course, lovely works of art. Happy New Year!

  7. Wonderful story about your Grandfather. I am so glad he finally received his Purple Heart. So many beautiful finishes for 2018!


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