Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, January 19, 2019

This and that...

...and mostly trying to stay warm as we settle into more typical January weather here in the northwoods...still not much snow cover to speak of...if you step out onto the porch to gather more wood for the fireplace, you can hear the wind blowing over the tree tops...and you don’t linger...our nights call for extra quilts as temperatures drop below zero...
This is the first winter I have experienced problems with my finger tips quickly growing cold and numb and I dress in multiple layers. Mr. Outback reminds me that I am still on this weight loss journey (a good thing!! And now on track after a major Christmas cookie melt down which added 2 pounds back on) and “am older” (thanks for that reminder!) so staying warm becomes more of a challenge...
At any rate, keeping closer to home has meant time to continue decluttering (will it ever end?) and in the afternoons when we are blessed with sunshine coming in my sewing room window, there you will find me...
Four house blocks have been mailed off to California - following through on a request from Lori’s Humble Quilts can find out more about that (HERE). Always fun to fussy cut little faces peeking out of those house windows and hoping the quilts that these blocks go into bring a smile to someone’s face...

Work continues on my Old Glory quilt which will eventually be donated to our local nursing home. Playing with those Invisifil threads I mentioned last time...a tiny zig zag stitch gets the job done...

Have also resumed giving attention to Ann’s Legacy - yet another lovely Di Ford pattern from her first book. I opted to add tiny hexies (measuring 1/4” for each hexie) in place of some of the appliqued flowers, just to put my own little spin on things.
When learning that Di will undergo 9-10 months of chemo after being diagnosed with leukemia, each stitch I take (along with hundreds of other followers) on this project, will be with a prayer for her complete recovery.
Stitching with friends, immersing myself in lots of books at bedtime and pouring over maps as I begin plotting out a major trip later this is good during these quiet days that are beginning to offer longer periods of daylight...
”Silver white Winters that melt into Spring...”
...What are your favorite things....?


  1. I love staying home. W have snow today but no sunshine. Those stitches are really invisible aren't they.

  2. I, too, have been complaining about my fingers and toes getting colder this winter. Thank your husband for all those wonderful reasons that none of us wanted to hear. Me? I am having my thyroid checked. :D

    I think my favorite thing (especially now that it is frigid outside) is thinking of Spring and much warmer weather; creating beautiful crafts; grandkids, family and just all those homey things. Keep warm Pat. Hopefully this winter will be shorter than last winter.

  3. Love those veggie faces in the window. :)
    The hexie flowers are a great little touch to personalize your quilt.
    I like winter, if I don't have to drive through snowstorms, and I can soak in a warm bath at days end, with a good book. Speaking of which, I'd better get the water running. :)

  4. Always special to put your own touch on projects as you think of friends.
    Super cold here, below zero this morning, a great day for soup, some sewing and a good book.
    Stay warm! Trip planning sounds fun.

  5. I didn't know about Di Ford's health problem. Not fun. I have been playing with some Di Ford fabric this past week (with others mixed in) and enjoying it.

  6. It's pretty cold here in NJ today but I love long winter days with a fire going in the wood stove to keep warm and cozy. Cute house blocks! I hope to make a few soon. Your personalized hexies are a wonderful touch :)

  7. What sweet house blocks. Those little radish faces are adorable. Ah yes, I'm afraid we are all feeling the cold a bit more these days. It was well below zero this morning with a wind chill warning on the news. Just right for sewing! I love your little hexie flower addition to Di's pattern. And, yes I hope we can all send her our prayers right now.

  8. It appears you have much more of winter than I do here in Colorado, at least along the front range. Looks like you enjoyed using the Invisifil thread. I thinks there's a time and place for both hand appliqueing and machine stitching. Ann's Legacy is beautiful and I like your own touch with the hexies, tiny, tiny ones! Stay warm.

  9. Love your house blocks! The little faces in the window are such a cute addition. I have some to send, just need to get to the P.O. So glad we stored our firewood in the basement this year, no going out in the cold to bring it each day. You certainly have some lovely projects under your needle. Your machine applique is so neat.


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