Settler’s Trail quilt

Settler’s Trail quilt

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The ties that bind (ing)...

Spring has arrived here at Taylorsoutback...raking, hauling downed tree limbs, moving outdoor stuff from storage and puttering in the potting shed...the days are busy and satisfying. Before this lovely stretch of weather arrived, we had copious amounts of icy snow turning to rain which made for a good reason to stay snug in the sewing room.

As the month of April winds down, my OMG project is a done deal...the perle cotton ties have been finished to hold the layers together...ends have been trimmed...

Binding made and applied...and I want to share how nice some new needles are that I have tried. (A little background first...Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings has taught a few workshops for our guild - one of which I was fortunate to take a number of years ago...she is a good instructor and provides very generous kits that are well thought out. Last month, she drove up from Menasha and presented an evening trunk show for our members and an applique workshop the next day. Boy, did I do a pouty face because I could not go...stormy weather and night driving for me are not a good mix.) At any rate, she brought along a number of her newer products, one of which were these Binding Needles.

I heard many positive comments from people who tried them, so of course...count me in! (No affiliation here) 

They are about the same length as a straw needle...

But so much firmer - easy to thread and very nice to use...if you have the opportunity, give them a try. 

Just a couple of photos of the completed utility quilt - the colors are difficult to photograph, but happy to cross this old UFO off my list.

Also joining in with Wendy over at The Constant Quilter with a completed mini - the applique portion was done during a sweet workshop with Dawn from Collector With A Needle when she visited our guild...just thinking what super nice presenters we have! 

And wrapping up - as if I don’t have enough major applique projects going on...I have fallen head over heels in love with the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt by Susan Smith of Australia  Love that it is both whimsical and inspired by a Welsh quiltmaker (who just happens to have the same last name as my maiden name) circa 1840. I was craving something that just said Spring!! and this definitely answers that.  It is a BOM and the first pattern has been received and begun...dipping into my supply of lights and pastels - a departure from the darker, muddy colors I usually work with. 

That’s it for now...wishing you a week filled with lovely moments. 

Happy stitching!


PS - are you a devoted follower of Jane Kirkpatrick? Just finished her Emma of Aurora trilogy - one of my favorite quotes -
“Women are the brooms of the world - they clean houses and clean souls. But often they get put back in the corner until the next mess needs to be cleaned up.” Alison Saar 


  1. Love that Oh Canada backing fabric. I am using it for the 150 Canadian Women BOW.

  2. Yes, I think I like that quote. Your projects are beautiful as always. Love the intricate BOM that you are working on. You sure keep yourself busy. Good work on keeping up on getting things done, too.

  3. I will have to look for those needles and will add them to my list - I find applique needles too thin

  4. Very lovely finishes, and I love your new project too, essence of spring! After so many years of hand quilting with short betweens, I can't use a long needle anymore! Wish I could, as it would be nice to use a needle that is easy to thread for some work!

  5. I absolutely love your mini this month! I think I recognize that block from the Noah and Matilda pattern by Dawn. You border fabric frames it perfectly. Gorgeous! I will link this post in next week when I post the minis. You have taken on a lot with Susan's Rowdy Flat Library quilt. It is a big project. But, oh how I LOVE your colors! I'm looking forward to seeing more of it. Enjoy the spring. We haven't seen any of it yet. Nothing but April showers. We'd better see some May flowers pretty soon or there will be mutiny!

  6. That's a pretty pink floral print/

  7. The utility quilt turned out very pretty.
    After seeing Lisa post about those needles not too long ago, I made sure I picked them up when I saw them in town. But silly me, I haven't tried them yet. And I even did a binding a couple of days ago. I just keep picking up the same bent needles I have in my pincushion, by my sewing chair. LOL
    Lovely finish on your mini. You do get great presenters in your area. I have taken classes from Lisa, but have never had the privilege of meeting Dawn.
    Whimsical is a great descriptor for that applique block. Makes me smile, big time!

  8. Beautiful finishes! Congratulations! I have heard about these needles and have been curious, thank you for the review. I have the Rowdy Flat pattern, but have yet to start it, just too many projects going right now, but loved the quilt. How lucky you are to have such talented quilters as presenters.

  9. Pretty quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  10. Your April mini is lovely! Always like the way hst triangles look when they frame a center block. Will have to try those binding needles some time. Nice UFO finish!

  11. Love your mini, and the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt! Beautiful projects

  12. lovely little mini and your applique is gorgeous!
    your header lilac photo is wonderful!

  13. I just found your charming blog, your work is lovely and so inspiring. Your new follower, Connie


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