Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Welcoming spring..., finally at Taylorsoutback...while it has been a cooler, rainy lead up to the end of May, we now have doors and windows open and welcome the fresh air and soft days. Here, at the edge of the woods in northern Wisconsin, that means visits to the greenhouses, digging in the dirt and dewinterizing the RV to get it ready for its first outing. The days are filled with activity and so far, not much extra time to enjoy sitting on the deck...but it will come.

Avoiding the crush of heavy traffic from the south as vacationers make their way farther north, we tend to stay put over the Memorial Day weekend. With rain in the forecast, I decided to piece a “little” mini from my newly acquired copy of Pam Buda’s latest book.  Oh my...sure did a double take when discovering that the “quilt” I chose only measures 5” when finished...guessing that might be considered “Quilt In A Day” doable?? Not going to say exactly how long this took...but I was taken with the name Pam has called it - “Jane” - whether she refers to Ms. Austen or my all time favorite heroine, Jane Eyre, I am not sure...but I decided it was Jane Eyre (not only my heroine, but the book that I love above all other pieces of fiction - ever!) 
And it all started because one of my quilting buds gifted me with a piece of fabric that I call “Thornfield Hall” -

Just had to display little Jane alongside her famous quote - “I am no bird, no net ensnares me; I am a free human being of an independent will...”
And of course, the piece of fabric for the backing must have little birds...

Each square in the block measures 1/2” finished and we are instructed to press the seams open to reduce bulk...I like using my Clover liquid pen to help keep the seams open and ready for pressing. 

So this minute Bear Paw block also seemed to call for a cup of coffee brewed with Bear Paws (half-decaffeinated for me) coffee from a nearby local roaster. We are hearing of more new coffee roasters, local micro-brewers and vineyards around the state - always a treat to know products are locally sourced. 

Have also completed the Cheddarback blocks for May that Gay over at Sentimental Stitches is offering each month...A few of these blocks present a challenge and tells me my piecing skills have gotten a little lazy...this is a wonderful block of the month and will hopefully sharpen my ability. 

And at last...Old Glory has been presented to the nearby nursing home in time for Memorial was made to honor my Dad, who was a Navy veteran as well as all the other veterans who were or are residents at the home. 

I have to admit to a skipped heart beat when the thank you note I received mentioned they had not decided as to whether the quilt would be displayed (which was my intention and included a hanging sleeve) for all to see or if it would be given to a resident veteran to use. I did call the office to remind them displaying it would be best as the techniques and fabrics used would not hold up well to frequent washings in hot water - there are also beads sewn on for the eyes of the I think that they understood! Hopefully...

So that is about it for now from Taylorsoutback...heading out to the garden to give the garlic plants some extra food...Have a good rest of the week and wishing each of you moments of bliss in your corner of the world.



  1. love all the blocks you are working on. I know you have a short summer so enjoy it and have fun camping when you go

  2. Maybe the block was named after Jane Stickle of the 169 five inch blocks. Maybe. I have a whole bin full of Jane Austin era reproduction fabrics waiting for me to pay attention to them. We are still waiting for the rains to stoop and the sun to come out for more than an hour at a time.

  3. Oh I do hope they really understand about your beautiful Old Glory quilt! It would be such a shame to have it ruined by inappropriate use, especially the commercial washers and dryers. I love the Cheddarback block with that lovely double-pink, not to mention your sweet little 5-inch mug rug or super mini quilt. I'd take that kind of unconventional birthday card any day! Happy belated B-day to you!

  4. Little Jane is adorable and I enjoyed seeing all your other projects.

  5. Love, love your flag quilt. A worthy quilt to honor a veteran.

    I have never heard of a Clover liquid pen. How is it different from using a steam iron?

  6. Love your version of Pam's "Jane"! I will link it in with my monthly min and also when I post my Pam project tomorrow. I surely do hope the nursing home will display your fabulous quilt for all to see. It is gorgeous!

  7. What a delightful little finish! I am with you on Jane Eyre. It doesn't get any better than that. I love the Thornfield Hall fabric--and birds on the back for that wonderful quotation. This little quilt is loaded with meaning!
    Your Cheddarback blocks look great to me. I especially love the one on the top. I think a whole quilt made of those blocks would be a winner.
    What a beautiful quilt you donated. I am glad you were able to clarify its purpose. Besides, on display everyone can enjoy it!

  8. Your blocks are beautiful as usual. I am thinking they are quite the challenge what with the size. I, too, hope the home decides to display your beautiful quilt for ALL to enjoy. It's hard once you give a quilt away to not see it used as you wish. Enjoy the weather. Hopefully it has quit raining in your area. We are still dealing with wet days, but then again, everything is growing.

  9. What a sweet little quilt with the bird fabric on the back. I've never heard of the Clover liquid pen so will have to give it a try. Your Cheddarback blocks look great. I always feel my piecing skills are challenged when it comes to SALs :) Lovely finish on your Old Glory quilt and glad to hear it will be displayed for all to enjoy.


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